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Agony And Bliss



As the title suggests, the last 2 or three months have been a combination of agony and bliss.
I have put in almost 60 plus hours each week, leaving little time for anything but a few fragmented hours of stolen sleep.
It would literally be, leave at 10, commute no less than 50 minutes arrive at work, clock in, work my arse off for the next 8 hours, clock out, commute an hour and a half in the 7 am rush hour, come home, take the kids to school, come home, grab about 4 or 5 hours of sleep, get the kids from school, make dinner, get them ready for bed, catch a quick rinse off shower get dressed then back off to work I go.
Last week I got called to go back in for another 6 hours AFTER I had already put in 8 hours.
My check stub says I put in 68 hours last week.

On the bright side I got a nice check this week, and as a way for them to ATTEMPT to make ammends I actually have been given the next 3 days off.
Wich works out really well, I just got a new box from TT in todays mail.

I am seriously looking for another job.
The commute alone is a killer, driving an hour to get there and an hour and a ahalf to get back is just insane.
The stress of dealing with my co workers and the new boss is unbelievable, I have never seen such behavior in grown adults.
The manager is unreal, unless you kiss her ass daily and are in her clique, you will get ragged on every chance possible.
The assistant is just as bad, unless you are a brown noser or a gossip, forget about getting in their good graces.
Co workers are aweful, they are a bunch of two faced back stabbing adolecent adults.

Oh well, life goes on I suppose.

I had better quit ranting already, I am liable to kill my plans for this weekend with my foul mood.

/rant off


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