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Nothing Witty Comes To Mind Right Now



Well it seems as though the more things cahnge, the more they stay the same.
my ex called me last night, drunker than a skunk and wanting to pick a fight.
I told him flat out, I am not in the mood for this, I am not gooing to fight with you, call me in the morning when your sober and we can talk like normal human beings.
I still do not plan on fighting with him, I don't need the stress and I won't give in to it, he wants to talk thats fine, but I refue to let it escalate past talking, if it starts to, he will have to leave.
I did however relent and give in and invite him over for coffee and aspirin this morning.
he can come over hung over and chat with me while the kids are here and geting ready for school, after all, 4 kids and a hangover, isn't that enough punishmnet?
yeah so I am a bit twisted, it cant be helped.

anyways, i bought a new laptop, so I can store my reviews and other ramblings.
I actually at one time started a article about parenting and sex, then the old computer ate it when the external hard drive crashed.
I bought that drive so that i could store my reviews and articles and such and the stupid thing crashed.
i took it in to see if one of the employees could extract any of the data if at all possible, surprisingly enough, tehre was a large sign on the door that said "OUT OF BUISNESS"

Great so I spent 300 bucks on an extrenal hard drive that crashed and yalls are out of buisness, wonderful.
the whole hard drive fiasco has just been getting worse and worse

Anyways, its 6:30, I need to make coffee and get the girls up in a half an hour.
Ill fill yas in later on what happens today.


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