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Man, what a week it has been,
I am pretty much laid off of work due to construction.
I went from 50 hours a week down to 8, talk about a major set back.
Hopefully this will be the last week things are like this, the boss is talking about starting my midights back up again, even a few days on top of the one a week I am getting now will be better than none.
It is kinda nice to have some time off, but on the other hand all the boredom is killing me.

MIL had a new treatment last week.
She can not stand any closer than 8 feet away from anyone, no physical contact, we are not allowed to wash her dishes, we are not allowed to wash her clothing or take out her trash.
If we want to visit her, we must stand 8 feet away and wear a lead apron that goes to our ankles.
The kids are not allowed to hug her or give her a good night kiss, the radiation she is emitting could very easily make them sick.
She is on day 8 of 12, and going absolutely bonkers being stuck in her room.
And they cut off our cable.

I paid the bill, but they are trying to strong arm us into renting their silly recievers, otherwise we can't get cable.
I really do not need TIVO, I do not need all the fancy cable channells available, jus thte weather channel and the sci fi cahnnel,cartton network for the kids, and of course MIL's judge programs, and life will be good.

Well, Not much else is happening, still havnt heard from babys donor.
I geuss his story has changed now though, it went from" that is not my child" to "it could be my baby"
I just wish he would stay still long enough for them to do the DNA test.
Everytime they find him, he moves so they have to close out the current case and reopen a new one in another state.
It is getting to be a major pain in the rear.
Anyways, I gotta lay the young en down for her nap.


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I realize it is 2 years+ since you did this segment of your blog but something similar happened to me.
Until about 2 years ago I had comcast. One day I went to change channels and nothin happened. So I swapped out the batteries in the clicker and still nothin. I checked my new batts in a flashlight and they worked just fine so I put them back in the clicker and once again the big nada.
So I drove over to the cable office and explained the whole deal to the lady inside. She told me that my clicker needed to be swapped out for the new "improved" model. No I just wanted another one not the better one. To make a long story short I had to take the new improved one and learn all over again how to work this one PLUS the cable converter box that sat by the tv now. sad.gif
So now I have DishNetwork the last 20-24 months. If anyone were to ask my opinion I would tell them NOT TO GO sad.gif WITH DISH. When you're a bit late sending in the bill they flash a POP UP WINDOW on the screen that will not go away w/o using your remote. Lately my #2 tv AUTOMATICALLY RECORDS HORSERACING EVERY COTTON PICKIN' DAY!!! sad.gif I am NOT into sports. Of ANY kind. I would rather WORK OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN sad.gif than watch sports!!
And they routinely DELETE YOUR SAVED MOVIES. I am nearing the end of my rope where dishnetwork is concerned......where are those old rabbit ears??? sad.gif (((I apologise to WW if this sounds/looks like a rant)))

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