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  1. Sex For Overweight Woman

    thank you
  2. What Song Gets You Going?

  3. I am around 300... This man I recently started dating loves my body and we have fooled around.... but Sat we will get serious about it. I am not nervous but would like some suggestions on the best postition for me ... not just missionary. Thanks!
  4. I recently began dating this awesome man but with one problem. His kissing technique. He is an african american man with wonderful big lips but kisses way to aggressivly and too much tounge. He is skilled in every other way! How can I tell him how I liked to be kissed without offending him? Thanks:)
  5. Usually I remember sexual conversations I have had with guys either online or on the phone.
  6. Ok So Conversation Killers....

    Yeah that's what I thought. Oh well, back to the drawing board
  7. I am just talking to this guy on the phone and we are meeting saturday. Everything I said, he replied wierd things. I will give you an example... I said.. I have a sense of humor, I hope you do too. He said.."I love a woman with a big butt" COME ON.... He is college educated and in his 50s... what do you guys think about that?
  8. I met someone online and I just recently talked to him on the phone. His voice is a little fem and I really like deep voices. Am I being too superficial?
  9. Bladder Infection From Masturbating Too Much?

    Thank you both. Yes, i do clean it and shower after. It is not made of latex... I am afraid to use it now:) But hopefully, I will feel better soon. I will be outside all day tomorrow in the sun so Icnat take the meds until after that. thanks again
  10. I recently got a great toy and have been using it most every day... once for sure but no more than twice. I discovered to day that I have a bladder infection. .. I clean my vibrator in between but could this be caused by too much masturbation?
  11. It has been 19 years since I have actually had intercourse.. I have recently discovered a couple of great vibrators because.. I get so wet it is hard for me to get off with my fingers plus I am heavier so it is easier this way. So I recently anonomously... sorry cant spell went online to a free sight and have been talking dirty to all of these men and getting them off. After a few hours, I get off by myself. My mother just died, ihave a bunch of stuff on my mind and I have been wanting to do this a lot. I stay aroused the whole time. It was fun but now I feel that it is becoming a problem so also feel kind of ashamed of myself. I never show a picture or anything but stil...I got off the site because it was getting more frequent... any thoughts on this???
  12. Length Of Masturbation

    I'd like mine to last longer... I cum so easily though
  13. Where Do You Masturbate The Most?

    I have masturbated in the car with my fingers, in the bathroom or bedroom with toys.. sometimes the windows open just to make it more exciting.
  14. New To Site

    Hi. No !! I picked the name because it was the name of this dolphin I had in college,,,, stuffed... and we named it Landshark because of the Satuday night live skit with Loranne Newman.. candy gram. Anyway, I thank you for your comments and yes.. the toy is great although I have a hard time just having orgasm with insertion even though it has the rotating beads.. I have yet to have a gspot orgasm. I am talking to a few guys so we shall see.I dont want sex talk to become an addiciton. but I am going through a recent family loss and lots of other things and this distracts me. I am aroused almost nightly. I dont want it to be a problem