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  1. and with the internet / porn i am exposed to more stuff and am like "what the hell lets try it"
  2. always pretty open but as i have aged lot's of things became more interesting
  3. well at least it was a mini cooper and not a f-250 lol
  4. so i bleed a little after. started awhile back the wife was pushing in and I had a little sting down there and had a little blood on the toilet paper after. talked to my doc (no I did not tell him I got pegged lol) he said it was probably a hemmi and nothing to worry about anybody else have this?
  5. i think it is pretty common with guys who are not insecure about themselves .. not everybody of course but I would do it
  6. khorse


    i so miss the sexy pics,, i know i am not alone
  7. easy now, at 63 i am old (not old old) but still get it done,,lol
  8. i love it. i just wish the wife enjoyed it more
  9. guys just don't do it for as a rule, trans would work as long as she looked fem. Masculine is a turn off for me, but I have nothing against cocks, love a good pegging
  10. khorse


    watch some pegging porn together and how it would turn you on if he would let you do it.. act like your shy about it and see how he reacts
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