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  1. We just bought a splash blanket! It really saves the bed. Ours is new and if I have a really wet O it won’t soak in fast but eventually it does. I lay it down over our sheets when we are finished I throw it over something to dry. I used it multiple times before washing. it’s soft but has a plasticy middle. You can’t dry it in the dryer! Squirters check it out!
  2. I used to have my hood pierced, honestly I loved it. I don’t love that I did it because a guy I was seeing asked if I would get one. I took mine out when I started seeing my now husband, I felt like it was cool when I was single. Did nothing for sex, felt great during oral. my husband was always afraid of chipping his tooth when he was eating it. I wish I still had pictures 😞
  3. I really love to have my nipples played with, sucked, pinched, pulled, bitten… pretty much anything. I want to try nipple clamps, what’s the best to start with?
  4. We just started this too! I love giving it to him! And he loves taking it too!
  5. Hey, I’m new here, but I’ve been reading a couple days trying to decide what to post. I’m married to the love of my life, and recently we have veered from vanilla and I found this site looking for new ideas. we are pretty open to anything except adding anyone else. Ask me any questions
  6. A. Daily sometimes more than once b. Occasionally, maybe a couple times a week
  7. We just got a crop and I love it. Although it didn’t leave any marks and my husband was upset that it didn’t.
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