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    My SO told me what toys to use and how long to use them for over webcam... Great fun!
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    How could I pick a favorite?! ^.^
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    10,000 miles away from where I want to be....
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    14 toys, 2 cock rings, 1 set of restraints, 1 set of sport cuffs.... still growing! ^.^
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    In a Relationship
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    20 and Female

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    Ballroom dance and trying new things.... Too Timid has REALLY opened my eyes to a LOT! ^.^
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  1. Hi there sexy lady... I would love to get together with you and become a good FWB to you Message me if you would be interested Thanks

    Deweyand Mandy

  2. False. I'm QUITE satisfied! TPBM is heading on a vacation!
  3. Never, actually.... TPBM is in a happy place
  4. Back home sitting next to my Love!!!! Expect me not to be on much....
  5. He's coming from new zealand to the states to live with us until our job starts up.... After that, he'll live with us again until September when he goes back home for the winter. Less than 24 hours now!!!!! =D
  6. False, I wish I could say that.... TPBM is crazed
  7. I knew him for a year before I started dating him. And we started dating rather slowly.... we took everything one day at a time. He respects my boundries and truly does care about me. He gets on the airplane here tomorrow morning!
  8. He's 31, I'm 20. My parents LOVE him.... so much so that when he gets his green card, they are having him stay at our home until he gets settled.... and they'll pay him to do odd jobs. My parents have both said they are glad I found someone that treats me right. I've been dating him for almost a year now.... Mom's born again Baptist. VERY conservative. She expects my sister and I both to wait until marriage. Dad doesn't really care, as long as I'm safe.
  9. HA! My ambulance driver is like an aunt to me. She's known me since I was about 3 years old from church. Very nice Christian lady.... can swear like a trucker when someone doesn't pull over when we are lights and sirens... lol
  10. Actually, she was the one that asked if I could spend time there so she could just get me on her way back from somewhere that was in the same direction..... she could have gotten me before, but didn't want to drive the extra hour... lol And this time, we aren't in her house. We are going to be at the camp my SO and I work at taking care of the place for the weekend. Our boss asked us to keep an eye out for vandals over the holiday weekend, particularly overnight. As for kicking the heels in, I suppose you could be right.... he is a bit older than me, so she's probably worried that he's going to want to take advantage of me (my mother would kill me if she knew I was having sex before I am married)..... Sorry for whining, it just grates on my nerves a bit. But hey, she IS mom..... I'd NEVER dream of spending the night with a guy in the same house as her because I do know she's very against it before marriage.... Just a little while longer, I guess. Thanks for the insight guys! I really do appreciate helping me see it from other angles....
  11. I understand that.... I really do. But what's ironic is when I was in a relationship she didn't approve of last year, she let me spend a week at the guy's place. I would have moved out this past semester if I could have found a job.... Searched everywhere for one, honestly. Everything I applied for they decided not to staff because of the recession. Maybe in September.... She's the one that's been telling my sister that her boyfriend's grandparents are too overbearing.... Geez. >.< I'll live with it. She hasn't said anything today about it, so maybe my dad convinced her. *fingers crossed*
  12. Don't really mind as long as I'm getting some! However, if I don't climax, I won't be as satisfied as I could be.....
  13. Seriously? In a very positive relationship. And you aren't going to let me spend the night with my boyfriend? Our boss asked us to spend the weekend. US! Not just HIM! I'm 20 years old. Let me live. >.< Mom is SERIOUSLY too overprotective. Thankfully Dad doesn't see an issue with it. Let's see if he can talk her into not caring so much, or it will be WAY too hard to be in the same room as my SO and not be able to jump his bones after 8 months apart. I'M NOT FREAKING 10, MOM! I can make responsible choices. You may not agree with them, but at least I'm being safe! >.<
  14. True in a sense.... have spoken with him recently, but the first time in person in about a year.... (actually the guy responsible for turning me onto toys.... ^.^) TPBM has a changed self image
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