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  1. Thanks for the "good to have you back".. . I will be sceens will be made by me. That'd be bad for all involved. Except her, probably. Funny enough I asked the ex why she would even COME to a party where she KNOWS she's not welcome (by me, the mom of the kid!) and we actually BOTH agreed it was probably for drama! I have to go to the party. It's my daughter's birthday. She is more important than that bitch's drama.
  2. Nope, the party was at HIS house last year. This year we are having it at a party venue. My ex is in charge of the invites (long story why, but there is a reason) and he is inviting her. He says that the girls are 'such good friends still', plus our daughter went to fake-boobs-chicks-daughter's party a few months ago so he feels "obligated" to invite her. I think he just can't cut the cord with this woman and I'm not entirely sure why. He knows she is nuts, says that they are only friends, says to me that she treats him badly and makes him FEEL bad and unimportant, she uses him...and wont' sleep with him (he uses the word "intimate")....but I think perhaps he is holding onto the friendship still perhaps because he's hoping he can give it to her one more time, perhaps? I don't know? Actually I'm not even sure if they've had sex. Possibly, once or twice...I know she uses sex as power too. With her other boyfriend (yes, she has 2-3 at a time, which don't know about each other generally) she slept with him once but decided she didn't like sex with him so she dated him for 1-2 years more but never slept with him again (*I wonder how she managed THAT one!!!). I do know they have had some sexual content though....because he told me that she asked him if she should get her boobs redone...were they sagging? He told me that he told her that they were GREAT. (nice of him to tell me that, isn't it?)
  3. well that IS kind of an awesome idea....hmmm...I'll try. I am SUPER emotional and sensitive so this stuff kind of "gets" to me, but I'll try. I will have two friends there with me, to laugh and hoot, so at least it is POSSIBLE. I know, the story just got that much MORE unbelievable that I just had to tell you guys. She is and was not a friend. She's not even a friend to my ex really, she just wants to use him like the rest of the men in her life and then treat him like crap. She' has too, he's told me. Used him wildly for his talents (the profession that he is in lent itself to something SHE needed and he spent 50 hours one week on top of his regular job working for her) and then only wants to be friends. She's a user and a manipulator who thinks she's right about everything. Funny enough my ex even knows that she is NUTS. He told me. On multiple occasions. Even when they were DATING. What does that say though really eh? It says that even though he truly knew she is nuts, she treated him badly (like would call him from other guys houses, essentially flaunting that she's dating other people when she knows he is more of a 'settle down' type of guy....and sometimes she'd not even call him at all when they had a date....) but he still was with her for at 6-9 months (I think it was more like 9...) because why..perhaps because he was lonely...I get that...but also because she's hot and has fake boobs. Well my daughter is turning 6 this year (last year was 5) so yes, that is a good idea...perhaps she should wear something even MORE revealing. LOL. Why not? Maybe the invites should warn the mom's to watch out for their husbands? (k, joking...but still)
  4. Anyone want to know how "this one" turned out? I stumbled across this topic I'd started a year ago by chance tonight....and I read through it only to realize I'd never told you guys what ended up happening. K, "last we spoke" on this topic it was April 2009. In late april I decided to dump this friend. She was just NOT worth it. Made me feel bad, was a drama queen and I didn't like how her daughter acted and influenced my daughter's behavior. Over the course of april and early may, I slowly weaned myself away...not emailing her back as often and not getting together at all. Fast forward to early boyfriend and I went away for two weeks. Awesome. When we came back I still did not contact her except for a few short responses to her emails. Apparently while I was gone she'd become "friends" with my EX. They saw each other at sporting events which concerned our kids and had gotten together for a few play dates. In June, my ex informed me that he found her "intriguing" and told me about the play dates they had had with the kids in the past few weeks. He told me that he "had" to invite her to our daughter's birthday party because the girls were "such good friends". I went, felt a bit uncomfortable because I wondered if she realized I'd been weaning myself away from her...but generally it was bearable. The harder part was having a "leave it to beaver" style party with my ex...meaning we were in my old house, pretending to be this happy ex-couple but meanwhile I found this incredibly emotional. The fake boob friend came up to me at one point and hugged me, saying she knew that this was probably difficult for me. I hugged back and then escaped away, because being hugged only made me tear up. Oh another thing, the woman wore the most REVEALING low cut top to the party. She never wears a bra and her boobs were huge and I felt like she was basically naked. This struck me as a weird shirt to wear to a 5 year old's birthday party (later another friend privately told me that she thought the choice of clothing was VERY odd as well, so it wasn't just me). Anyways, I got through it, and did end up hanging out with this "friend" a lot during the party. I was basically being polite, but whatever. A week later my ex calls me....he has to discuss something with me. Since he's become friends with fake-boob-friend, she's revealed a lot of inside information to him that id' confided in her (dumb, dumb, dumb trusting-me!) and so he knew how insecure I was feeling because of his insistance of me getting fake boobs. He ended up confessing to me that what I had suspected and accused him of (when we split, 2.5 years before!) but what he'd DENIED at the time...was true. He was NOT attracted to me. He never was. It's not that I wasn't attractive, he just wasn't into me. Once again, NEVER WAS. He didn't say this meanly...I think he was trying to be "nice" saying it's not YOU, it's me...meaning HE'S the one that 's not into me, not because I'm not pretty but because I'm not his type and never was. (WHY DID HE MARRY ME?) This conversation led to him telling me that fake-boob-lady IS his type and guess what? They were dating. While my boyfriend and I were away, they started dating. SHE pursued HIM. K, so pause and remember...SHE WAS TRYING TO GET ME TO GO BACK TO HIM a month before this..not even! She sent me multiple emails in april trying to convince me to go back to the ex! And then in may, she went after him. Oh and at the birthday party a week before they were acting like they didn't know each other very well. Very distanced...casual. FAKE! CRAZY FREAKIN' FRIEND! Anyways....they dated for about 6 or 9 months and then she told him she just wanted to be friends. But guess what? She's coming to the birthday party THIS YEAR too! (and I've not seen her in a year.) Any advise on how I should act around her? I'm thinking cool and polite and that's IT. I've got two of my friends that know her story which are going to be there too for support.
  5. I bought this nova episode on how babies are made...I saw it over 10 years ago (it's from 1982 I think!) and thought it was amazing. I had intended on showing it to my kids because it's really well down, but then I watched it with fresh "parent eyes" vs "pre-parent eyes" and on further reflection have decided to wait...about 50 years. LOL. joking...but seriously...will wait a while to show it to least 4-6 years...or more....
  6. Boob Challenge 2

    wow, what a nice compliment. Thank you.
  7. Boob Challenge 2

    Two recent shots that I took for my sweetie. I can't believe this post has a second life! Well since I started the origional I just had to join since there were very few participants.
  8. Outdoor Or Semi-public Sex

    I have MANY a time in the past 3 years. My boyfriend seems to be quite interested and I am so hot for him that I really dont' care WHERE we do it, let's just do it! Plus his excitement is hot for me too, so.... We've done in in 3 different cars (behind a restaurant, in random parking lots, parked in front of someone's a college parking lot), the woods (a few times)...a walking 3 different walking trails...behind someone's house JUST OFF one of the walking our backyard at night (on the deck). There are probably more places but I'm blanking. So ya, this is pretty normal for us. LOL
  9. Guys, This Is How I Lost My Anal Virginity

    quickie reply here but I just wanted to add that before I met my current partner (of 3 years) I never considered it, as a matter of fact I turned MANY a man down, including my former HUSBAND, father of my children! But when you meet the right man...well it can happen. I think we've only done it twice but at least I'm not a virgin any longer. I admit I am still a tad scared so I don't bring it up, but if I am good an looped (yes, I'm still in the phase when I have to have had a few pops to loosen up EMOTIONALLY about it!) I won't say no to him next time he asks (and i've told him this so I'm basically waiting for him).
  10. Nipple Clamps?

    I agree. I got those as a newbie and they were a great choice.
  11. Hi! I'd say it's probably my regular silicone (?)'s big, it's purple...and it's great. No vibe needed, just a good thick long dildo. It's by far my first choice not that I have many (3 or 4?) Oh I do like to couple that with my nipple clamps I have to admit. So does that count as one or two?
  12. Ok, maybe this isn't all men, but I'm sure I don't have the ONLY man around that does this. I really HATE it when I cozy up to my man at night, touch him, nuzzle him and instead of getting a "let's get it on" response I get a "I can give you an orgasm" response instead. Why would that be a bad thing you ask? Well because I know that in his language what he's telling me is he doesn't want to have sex, but he can satisfy me if I want. Why doesn't he want to have sex? Because he already touched himself (with porn, of course) and now his drive isn't high and he's tired. I know it's really good that he at least is willing to satisfy me. I totally know that that is good. But the jealous streak in me rears up. I told him tonight that it really bothers me that he has sex with those "fake women" instead of me. (Then I muttered that at least it's fake women not real women but I digress). I mean, I guess he got horny while I was out today for 3 whole hours and relieved himself. Which means I don't get sex tonight. I told him that I'm not asking him to not touch himself, I just told him that it really bothers me that because he did that, now I don't get to be intimate with him. I guess I should maybe change my frame of mind and think of the other stuff as intimate (it is, I know), but I always think of it is his way of doing what he needs to do and in a sense getting me off his back. Let's reverse the situation....let's say I touched MYSELF earlier in the day and now I am not interested in having sex with him. How would he feel? Angry? Rejected? I feel like WHEN we have sex is up to him. It bugs me. I mean he'll DO it when it's my idea but he sometimes has a hard time coming. Maybe he's tired, maybe he's not in the right frame of mind, and sometimes maybe he's already done it with himself and he's just not that into it. I feel like I'm probably being pretty demanding here. I realize that. This is not a deal breaker with us. I just needed to vent to SOMEONE and since my best friend is out of guys win! LOL Please, someone make me feel better here because this stuff boils up my feelings of rejection. I can't help but to think of my ex. The only thing that I can think of in regards to that is he didn't want to do it with me so that he could do it with porn LATER, my boyfriend now probably just gets horny mid-day and takes advantage of it while i'm out. I'm hoping it doesn't necessarily relate to me, but that he's horny. Although I know that his porn DOES satisfy his need for "variety". No wonder my jealous streak rears up... Sigh. I have no idea if I'm being normal being angry about this or not.
  13. Is A Peek Enough?

    I agree that it's a cool pic.
  14. omg, not only did I eat salmon that day, but I RECENTLY started taking fish oil supplements!
  15. I just had a spoonful of butter-cream icing...yum..ok, really i had 3...LOL