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Devinn Lane's Reflective Emperor


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Devinn Lane's Reflective Emperor Product ID: SE8210-14-2


OK. If you like girth, you're going to enjoy this one, ladies!

(I have to admit on occasion I do love the big boys :P )

Not only does this have the girth (2" worth), but it comes with an excellent suction cup. As with most toys that have suction, I'm always a little weary if it's going to lose it's ability midway through an 'adventure'. Well - no worries there. I actually had to pry it off the edge of the bathtub!

It is made of a gel material with a slight texture to it to mimic a real penis and the 'bullet' is toward the tip, which is great, because then you can also use it for clitoral stimulation aside from being able to feel the vibrations deep inside of you

What I also noticed and liked with this, is that the vibration is not loud, yet still powerful. You control it with a dial & adjust it to your liking.

And with the powerful suction cup, it's pretty versatile to find places to use it for hands free operation! Aside from the edge of a ceramic tub - if you have a hardwood floor, stick it there and ride away!

And, not that it matters much, but it IS a pretty purple color!

We have such a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from these days.

Out of my personal collection, I believe this is one of the 'largest' additions I've made to it, and it really is worth it!

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I think color matters a lot - I love the toys which are pretty! I prefer the colorful ones over the "black" or "white" ones - or the skin tones - yuck!

I think everyone knows I like the big boys, so this might be one I have to pick up!

I am glad to hear the suction cup works on this too, I am always skeptical, but it is good that they are getting more sturdy, especially since we ladies like to get a wild ride for our money, right! ;)

Thanks for the review!


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Whoo-hoo!! That bad boy looks interesting!!!

I too like the colored ones, like purple, pink, maybe even black. The "flesh/natural" colored ones kinda creep me out, like it was hacked off some dude or something. :o:blink:

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:blink: I have to agree with Tyger LOL I love color and I am glad to hear that the suction cup works on it since I have a few with the suction cup and I notice that if I am not careful that it doesnt stay in place on the tub very well and I myself like to get a little wild with my toys. Thanks for the review. Thinking of adding that one to my collection to. :P
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