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Is It Bad That Everytime I Go To A Sex Toy Shop......


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Is it bad that when I go to a sex toy shop, I compare the selections/prices to TT? I mean, really! LOL We went to one a couple weeks ago, and they had a small selection of toys (HUGE selection of DVDs though), and I only saw 2 toys there that TT didn't have (one that I wanted too-it's red, glittery, and a dildo!), and the sex toy shop's prices averaged $7 over what TT sells those items for. Except the sex furniture, that was WAAAAAY over the prices on here! I was shocked!!!

They did give away batteries with the toys that needed them, but still. I was pretty disappointed in the one we went too. Hubby wanted to go and see what was available for some new anal fun, as far as strap-ons go, and we were highly disappointed. Probably didn't help that I had most of the stuff we'd be interested in anyway......LMAO We kept saying, "Oh, I have that...honey don't you have THIS one? Didn't we see this one? Oh we LOVE that one!!!" LOL

Of course, the sex toy shop doesn't offer the guarantee, so that's a big plus. Their glass selection stunk, and there were a few things that scared the crap outta me too.....like a dildo that was about the length of a baseball bat, and about the diameter of a softball....no I am NOT kidding!!!

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We went to 2 of our town's sex toy shops a few weeks ago. The first, which does have some nice lingerie (although not much for those of us full-figured gals), didn't have a very large toy selection. My sweetie looked at the toys, then at the sales clerk, and said, "I think you have more toys than this store has." They were definitely more expensive than TT. The other store has even fewer toys. Boy, am I grateful for TT!!!!

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Hubby and I have had reason to be on the interstate a lot lately - picking up kids, dropping off kids (their mom lives about 12 hours from us) - and there seems to be a million sex shops along the way, especially in Missouri. We have stopped at some, as time permitted, and none have a better selection than TT (except for the baseball bat dildos Tyg mentioned!), most are fairly close in price, but I still rather go through TT.

See Tyger, you are not the only one who compares! LOL!

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