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Several years ago when our sex life was almost non-existant my sexual outlet was writing fantasies. Writing them down was the only way to get them out of my head. My imagination must have been in full gear since I have about 70 stories. Well, I have noticed a lull in the posting of sexy stories and thought I would share from my collection (yes, all are original of my own writing) a few at a time. And there are 8 more welcome home theme stories. Let me know if you like them and I will post more.


When I walk in the door one day after work, I am greeted at the door by my wife wearing a thigh length satin robe. The front of her robe is open past her navel, revealing the soft skin between her breasts, barely covering her nipples. She leads me inside, shuts the door, removes the items in my hands, and proceeds to kiss my neck and unbutton my shirt. She soon has my shirt off and starts kissing my chest. She applies her lips to my left nipple for a soft kiss. Her lips part to surround my nipple. She begins to run her tongue around my nipple. She grasps my nipple between her teeth. Her hands rub my back as her tongue flicks over my nipple held between her teeth. She pulls my nipple gently with her teeth. She then moves to my other nipple, giving it the same treatment. She then continues down to my navel. Upon reaching my navel, she begins to unbutton my pants and I kick my shoes off. As she lowers my pants, she kisses my cock through my underwear. She pulls my pants off and tosses them aside. She stands and guides my lips to hers and begins to rub my behind through my underwear. After a few moments she starts kissing my neck while rubbing my behind. Her kisses move further down, over my chest and nipples, then to my bellybutton. Her trail of wet kisses proceeds to the waist band of my shorts. Her hands slip under my shorts as she grasps a cheek in each hand. She begins to knead them as she continues to kiss around the border of my underwear. She pauses and kisses my now erect cock through my shorts, then runs her tongue and lips around the borders of my sorts, as she continues to message my behind. She stops kissing, removes her hands, stands up and instructs me to remove my socks.

As I begin to remove my socks, she slowly unties her robe. She closes her eyes, places her hands on her face and slowly runs her fingers down both sides of her neck then between her breasts. She runs her fingers under her breasts, moving the robe to expose her nipples. Her fingers continue to move around her breasts, further exposing her breasts. Some how she manages to trap the robe between her thighs, keeping her crotch covered, as she runs her fingers to her shoulder, uncovering her soft shoulders. She opens her eyes and notices that I have not finished removing my socks. I was so mesmerized by her seduction that I forgot to finish removing my socks. Her seductive look is replaced by a disappointed frown as she exclaims, "You don't get to see any more until you get your socks off." I quickly remove my socks and she smiles. She runs her finger tips between her breasts, allowing her palms to brush her hard nipples. Her fingers continue down to her exposed belly button. She runs her hands under her robe. Her fingers move over her thighs on either side of her crotch. She closes her eyes, tosses her head back and softly moans. Her fingers move to the inside of her thighs and she allows her robe to open, uncovering her closely trimmed crotch. She runs her hands over her hips, pulling the robe behind her hips. She places her hands on the back of her head and under her long hair. With her feet spread slightly apart and her knees bent, she begins to slowly rotate and thrust her hips. The erotic motions of her gorgeous body excites me even more. After a few moments of seduction, she opens her eyes and notices the pre-cum on my shorts. She then gazes into my eyes and says, "It looks like someone is ready for some action, ....but not yet."

She places her hands on my chest, slowly moves them over my stomach, then to my hips. She gently works her thumbs under the waistband of my shorts. She begins to slowly pull down on the waistband of my shorts on either side of my hips. As she lowers my underwear, my cock head gets caught in the waistband. As my underwear is moved lower, the waistband pulls my cock head down with it until my cock is pointed straight at her crotch. She smiles as she looks at my stiff cock. She raises her eyebrows as the pre-cum seeping from my cock brushes against her crotch. She continues lowering my shorts, until the waistband is holding my cock almost straight down. She steps up close to me, spreads her legs slightly, and moves closer until our crotches almost touch. She whispers in my ear, “Make it stiffer." As I do so, she pulls my shorts down, releasing my cock into her crotch with a soft pop. She quickly squeezes it with her thighs. She pauses for a moment, holding my cock against her warm crotch. She moves her hips slightly causing her moist cunt lips to slide along my stiff cock. She then kneels to finish removing my shorts, my cock slides across her crotch, slipping from her gripping thighs. As she kneels further, my cock slides along her stomach, between her breasts, until my shorts are on the floor and she is staring at my crotch. I step out of my shorts. She looks up into my eyes with her gorgeous, sexy smile. She runs her tongue from my balls up along the under side of my hard cock causing me to moan softly.

She stands up, running her hands along the inside of my thighs to my crotch. She steps up close to me while holding my balls in one hand and my cock in the other and we begin a deep kiss. After a few moments, she stops kissing and stares into my eyes. While maintaining eye contact and her hold on my cock, she slowly gets on her knees. She briefly places soft kisses on my hips and thighs and then runs her tongue along the underside of my cock from my balls to my cock head. She then begins lightly rubbing my cock head around her mouth, cheeks and chin, caressing her face and neck with my cock. Her eyes remain fixed to mine. A mischievous smile of anticipation covers her face. She kisses my cock head, grins, and slowly stands up, rubbing my cock head along her neck, between her breasts, and over her stomach as she rises. She places her lips to my ear, and whispers, "Be patient, my handsome stud, we're just getting started." She then gives my cock a hard squeeze. Her open robe flows behind her as she leads me by my cock to the bedroom.

When we reach the bedroom, she walks to the side of the bed, her hand tight around my stiff cock. She turns her back to the bed with me facing her and lowers her robe slowly to the floor. She reaches out to my neck, pulling my lips to hers, my hard cock nestles in her crotch as we press our bodies together. After a long kiss, she guides my lips to her breasts, her nipples quickly stiffen. I begin to suck and lick her breasts as she holds my lips against them. I move a hand to her waiting crotch and begin to rub her clitoris. After a few moments of lavishing her breasts with my tongue and lips, she guides my lips lower. I kiss her stomach and ribs as I continue to rub her clitoris. I remove my hand and then kiss teasingly around her crotch. I guide her to the edge of the bed, and allow her feet to remain on the floor. I run my moistened tongue down her leg, then kiss my way up the inside of her thigh, never quite reaching her mound of pleasure. Her body quivers with excitement as I notice her cunt lips spread open, glistening with excitement. She then holds my head with both hands and guides my mouth to her crotch. I briefly kiss her slick cunt lips. Then without losing contact with her cunt, I place her legs over my shoulders and begin licking and sucking her clitoris. After several minutes, she begins to reach an orgasm. I quickly move my kisses to the inside of her thighs and her stomach. She moans in disappointment, places her feet on my shoulders and guides my lips back to her clitoris. This time it only takes her a few moments. She begins murmuring, "Don't stop! More, More!" as she holds me against her clitoris. Soon she begins to moan and toss her head just before her body starts to quiver in an orgasm. I continue licking and within moments she lifts her hips up as her second orgasm begins. I stay with her extending her orgasm. Her body finally relaxes and I continue gently licking her as the waves subside. She pulls my head back and grins very big.

She repositions herself on the bed, now lying in the center. I stand up, enjoying the view of my gorgeous wife lying naked on the bed, her firm breasts and erect nipples adding to the sensuality of her spread legs exposing her slick, excited cunt. After a few moments, she encourages me to join her. As I climb onto the bed, she reaches out and grabs my erect cock. She guides me into a position straddling her face, she spreads her legs inviting my lips to her crotch and I resume kissing her clitoris. She begins licking and sucking my clean shaven balls and occasionally she gently bites my hard shaft. The sensation of her mouth and tongue on my smooth genitals makes me lick her even harder until she reaches a third orgasm. After her third orgasm, we are both sweaty, she is evidently excited and my cock is raging hard. She guides me off her and instructs me to lay back and enjoy.

She begins licking my ears and rubbing her wet crotch on my thigh. The heat from her crotch is incredible. She kisses down to my nipples and begins to nibble on them. Occasionally she holds my nipple in her teeth and slowly bites harder and pulls. She then raises her head to watch the expression on my face and allows me to see my cock head nestled between her breasts. After a few minutes of teasing my nipples she starts leaving a trail of kisses down my chest and stomach. As she moves, she rubs her crotch down my leg, to my foot and pauses a moment as I rub her crotch with the top of my foot. She moves her lips to my hard cock and balls and proceeds to kiss and lick my cock and balls, teasing me by almost allowing my cock in her mouth. Eventually she places my cock head in her mouth, placing her teeth behind the ridge of my cock head. She begins to alternate biting down on my cock, licking my slit, and sucking hard on my cock head. When I am about to cum she stops and squeezes my balls until the sensation subsides.

She then begins to tickle me and bite on my stomach and ribs. Occasionally she runs her hand over my cock or quickly bites my nipple or licks my ear. During the several minutes of her constant tickling, she also places her lips on my cock as if she might lick it or places her crotch over my face, but not allowing me to lick it. She knows how to tease me and enjoys frustrating me as much as I enjoy the anticipation. After almost thirty minutes of tickling, teasing and wrestling, she raises up with a cute grin on her face, and grabs my semi-hard cock with both hands. She then straddles my thighs, placing her cunt on my balls. She then spreads her cunt lips apart and proceeds to rub her moist cunt lips on my cock and balls, letting my cock head rest between her cunt lips. This causes my cock to get very hard, very quick. After a few minutes of her sensuous teasing, she raises up and holds my cock between her spread cunt lips as she continues to rub my cock against her clitoris. Her eyes close slowly as she tilts her head back with a look of pleasure on her face. I watch with excitement as my cock, held by her soft hands, slides between her moist cunt lips.

After a few moments, I begin to notice her occasionally rubbing her entrance over my cock head. She does this more frequently until she pauses for a second with my cock head at her entrance she presses my cock head against her entrance and with a low, soft, exhaling moan, she takes my cock into her tight, wet cunt in one long continuous motion until she has all of me inside her. After a few moments she begins to tighten her cunt muscles around my cock head, which elicits a low moan from me. A smile of confidence sweeps over her face as she opens her eyes. She rubs her hands over my chest as she rocks back and forth on my cock for several minutes. I reach up and cup her breasts in my hands. She then begins to slowly slide her tight cunt up and down my hard shaft. After a few moments of steadily riding my cock, she pauses with her crotch touching my balls and removes my hands from her breasts. She squeezes my cock tightly with her cunt as she slowly slides her cunt up my shaft, milking the pre-cum from my cock. She begins riding my cock again for a few moments before she milks me again and repeats the cycle. Occasionally she removes my cock so she can rub her clitoris on my cock. She continues to ride my cock until I feel an orgasm build up. She then ceases her motions and reaches behind her to message my balls to delay the inevitable. After the sense of urgency subsides, she lays on my chest, and kisses my neck and ears.

After a few moments she whispers in my ear, "In a few moments, I am going to ride you like a bronco and I want you to let it go." She lays across me motionless as our lips lock in a long, slow kiss. The only other movement is her cunt occasionally squeezing my cock inside her. She then raises up on her arms and begins to slowly grind her hips with my semi-erect cock inside her. I feel my cock stiffen inside her. She then moans softly, “Mmm, that’s more like it, nice and hard!” and she begins to slowly ride my cock. She gradually increases her tempo. I can feel her gripping my cock. Then all of a sudden she begins to ride my cock like a cowgirl on a wild horse. Her breasts are bouncing wildly. I reach up and grab a breast in each hand to pinch her nipples, which excites her even more. I watch as my cock buries itself again and again in her wet cunt. I can feel my orgasm building, and she knows it, as I begin thrusting up into her. She moans, "Yes, honey, faster!" I put my hands on her hips to help synchronize our thrusts. After a few moments of intense thrusts, I begin to cum. She smiles with satisfaction and amusement as my body twitches with my orgasm, filling her with my cum. After my waves of pleasure subside, she lays on my chest, my cock still inside her. I can feel my cum running out of her, down my shaft and onto my balls. She says, "You are wonderful." and I reply, "And my lovely sweetheart likes to make me squirm." She responds, “Yes I do!” We hold each other tight, softly kiss and rest in each others arms.

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Very nice. You definately have a talent.

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