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Soft Skins Plus Rimmed Rod


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California Exotics has a very large line of products. Of all shapes, sizes, & colors. I was thrilled to get the Soft Skins Rimmed Rod Plus vibrator the other day. I’m a gal that likes choices, from all sorts of different materials, textures, and functions, especially with her sex toys.

So, I’m instantly in love with this vibrator. Purple, AWESOME, ribbed, oh yeah! 7” removable shaft (for easier cleaning, always a bonus), decent in diameter (1.4”), it has a “head” & “balls” too, for that more realistic look. Then I see one of its most best features: use in OR out of water. Oh yeah baby! Gotta go there!! I take this heavy vibe out of its package to further investigate my latest addition. The sleeve is made out of rubber, so there is that New Toy Smell to it that doesn’t really go away after washing, which I did easily with liquid antibacterial soap (which is what I personally recommend using).

Now, I feel I must stress that, yes, I love almost all materials, though rubber is low on the list, only because you MUST be sure to keep it clean at all times. Rubber IS porous, so I always wash it BEFORE & AFTER each play, even though I know I’ve washed it before putting it away. Better to be safe than sorry. PLUS, I always keep the original packaging for it (and my silicone toys). Just because if one sort of material comes in contact with another, it can, & has, warped, dented/destroyed a couple of my toys. So, be prepared to keep the packaging for added protection for your sexual investments.

Back to the description: It’s squishy, not like runny gross, but more of a natural feeling to it. It has a lot of give to it, but, with the plastic vibe inside of it, it gives it a nice solid feel to it, giving it “backbone”. It only takes 2 AA batteries from your personal stock pile to power this Plushy, and, after insertion, just a twist of the base gives you low to medium vibes. And, because it’s rubber, the sleeve insulates the noise of the vibrations rather nicely so this is great if you have thin walls and/or roommates.

So, grabbing my water-based lube (gotta be rubber-compatible lubricant with this R.R.) , I take my R.R., get him all lubed up, turn up the dial, lovin’ the soft vibes, and plunge away, literally. Can I get a HELL YEAH from the gals that like the ribs? Oh yeah, the ribs feel GREAT, and so does the realistic feel of the head. I also love that I can really grab it by the balls, or the base of the shaft. Yes, I was thoroughly impressed with the R.R. strength, feel, & overall performance.

We have a winner!!!! :) I really LOVED being rammed by the Ribbed Rod, & I think that you will too!!


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That final line made me laugh out loud! Great job as usual honey pie!

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:D Thanks darlin's!! I love trying to come up with crisp quips! LOL
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