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I just have to say when I got it the pictures on the site do not do it justice. My thoughts when I took it out of the package were OMG...this thing was beautiful. This big devil has an added bonus---it is waterproof. It measure a total of 10 inches from end to end with an insertable length of 7.25 inches. The diameter varies from 1.25 inches at the top to 1.50 when you get down to the clit stim of the dual vibe.

So I removed it from its packaging and noticed absolutely no new-toy smell. It is phthalates free. So I went in and gave the beautiful devil a nice bath in warm water and anti-bacterial soap. With it being waterproof it is very easy to wash up. There are no directions as to where the batteries go. I noticed the bottom unscrewed and that you put the 3 AA batteries in that section. Just an added precaution when done putting in the batteries: make sure the cap is screwed on tight. If you don't and water gets in, your devil will become an angel in toy heaven.

It was on to test this boy out and oh how much fun we had. The clit stim and the shaft are controlled separately. The clit stim has 3 settings. I would say none are low....more like medium, high, and OMG. For the shaft, it really comes out to 6 settings. You can rotate the shaft at 3 different speeds in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. I think the fastest speed was a little too much for me, but then again I am not really one for making the shaft move on my toys. It had me in complete delight in no time.

In no time this toy has become competition for my others. I have always had one toy that was my go-to. I now think I will be mixing it up as this one is very good as well.

The devil definitely made me a believer in this one. For those that like dual-action toys I would highly recommend this toy. The only drawback to this toy is that it is a little heavier than most toys, but hey you have to give a little to get a little (or a lot!).

Time to tap into the devil in you and try this out...you won't be dissatisfied.

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I was wondering how well this freebie was! It's definitely interesting-looking. I didn't realize it was that big! WTG!!!

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I debated it for a while whether to get it or not. I needed to place an order so I said WTH. I knew something had to be up as it had an additional shipping charge due to the weight. I am very happy that I ordered it. It is very good.

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