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So, recently I've made it my mission to have a g-spot orgasm. My g-spot is prominent and not hard to find at all so I figured I would take advantage of that.

The first two nights culminated to nothing. But, I've never tried to stimulate my g-spot before so I chocked it up to that fact. But last night, I started to feel the characteristic pressure building and also had a very intense feeling like nothing I have ever felt before. It eventually subsided but the pressure kept building. So much so that I really wanted to push down. Eventually, I had to stop before I had an orgasm because I was too tired to keep going.

My question is, will the orgasm just happen with continued stimulation like clitoral orgasm or do I have to act on the urge to push to get my orgasm?

Thanks for your help!

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Great Question!

You have described this perfectly. When I am about to have a G-spot orgasm there is this dual feeling of 'bearing down' with an urge to want to stop. The sensation is so heightened that I almost am afraid NOT to continue on. It is really hard to self stimulate the G - but it sure sounds like you are doing well. Let me give my best advice: give yourself an orgasm or 2 clitorally. Statistically, if you have knocked out a few of those, the G-spot O comes easier. Next, make sure you are putting enough pressure. If you get on your hands and knees, and then place the toy or fingers inside your pussy, you will be able to stimulate the spot more readily. Third, keep on going. If you feel like you want to bear down; do it. This is just pushing your spot to the stimulus!

Good luck and let us all know how it goes!

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Ditto that!! Just keep at it and let us know how you do!! :)

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