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Doc Johnson Ultra Realistic 'hard Throb'


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Doc Johnson Ultra Realistic 'Hard Throb'

When I received it, all I could say was---wow. I opened the packaging and it had no new toy smell. This is one beautiful toy that is very realistic. It is made of UR3 material and looks very realistic from the pinkish color of the head to the veins through the shaft. It is Latex and Cadmium Free. I washed the wonderful specimen with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Then allowed it to air dry.

I was chomping at the bit wanting to play. Finally the coast was clear and time to play. It is compatible with all lubes which is a plus. This is 7 inches long and 1.75 inches in diameter. I twisted off the cap at the bottom of the shaft and easily inserted the 2 C batteries needed to bring it to life.

It is now "go" time. I applied a little lube and first turned it on low while I rubbed it along my clit. Definitely enjoying the vibrations that could be felt from top to bottom. I was really enjoying the feeling that was building and it was time to move in for the kill. I slowly inserted him. He was very filling. I started with turning his dial to low and slowly moving him in and out. It was time for more as I could feel it building. As I turned the dial it felt better and better. In no time my orgasm was exploding. Before I knew it several more followed. As I was moving it in and out I could feel the veins and it felt very realistic.

I highly recommend this toy. The vibrations run from very low to very high so there are settings for all tastes. Remember---after you wash the toy and it drys to pat it down with some talc to keep the realistic feeling for the next time.

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I clicked on this one and a lovely "yummmm" escaped my mouth before I realized it! He looks splendid! Thanks for the review!

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I clicked on this one and a lovely "yummmm" escaped my mouth......

:lol: :lol: My eyes widened and I thought "Ohhhhh LUCKY GIRL!'.

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