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There seem to be a number of products that are designed to desensitize the penis. They may have similar effects for the nipples. In theory this should have similar effects. You may have to experiment with this. I know of products to increase nipple sensation but nothing to reduce sensation. Good luck. If you find something that works please share it with us.

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I'm not sure he'd want to suck them after you put desensitizing cream on them, wonder if they make something

that tastes good? Even flavored lube has a weird taste to me..... so I might just be picky ;) lol

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Yes I'm aware that there's special lotions and creams out there. Believe I came across a few but I haven't tried them out yet. Another thing you could try is ice, it makes the nipples for sensitive and than have him add heat by breathing on it. Just pick something that works well for you and remember to look at the reviews before you purchase an item. There's a lot of different kinds out there, but not sure entirely which product is the best. Wish you all the best of luck! ^_^

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Article sources http://www.reversediabetestodaynaturally.com/reverse-diabetes-reverse-diabetes-today-ebook/

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