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A Newbie's Perfect Penis

OK, I have a secret, but you can not tell ANYONE! Deal? OK.....last night I pegged my play partner! What? You don't know what that is??? Pegging is when a woman sexually penetrates a man with a dildo (usually a strap on!) No, this does NOT make him gay. NO, this does not make him any less of a man. What this does is make him in touch with what feels good to him! I am very proud that I was the first to "peg" him and you know what? I don't think I will be the last!

This toy is absolutely perfect for a newbie (male or female) or any partner who wants a realistic looking dildo that is on the smaller side. As you may know, I like bigger toys, toys that can fill me up. However, when I am wanting some anal penetration, DP (double penetration) or when I have a male partner who wants some anal stim, I turn to a smaller toy. Why? Well, common sense says that start small and move up, right? So, this firm, jelly, anatomically correct, vibrating mini-dildo is perfect!

My partner has asked me not to go TOO much into detail with our experience, but, I can tell you this: I used this toy without a harness (last minute idea) but it is harness compatible, I used a lot of water based lubricant, I gave him a fantastic blowjob to warm him up, and then I started to work the toy into his anus slowly, but firmly. When I added some vibrations (3 levels) he relaxed and just enjoyed! When we were finished - and he finished BIG - he said that he was scared at first, but the toy was small and felt really good. Plus having me there helping him and stroking his penis helped! He wants you all to know: he is NOT gay! (had to put that in for him) - but, he really enjoyed being anally penetrated! He suggests every man give it a go!

So, whether you are a female new to sex toys or a man who would like some anal action - this toy is a great choice for you!


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This dildo sounds like the right thing for anal play. Mikayla your review and experience sounds great and great fun.

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I'm Brian  and my wife started anal play with my ass about a year and a half ago she just shoved it in...

Still to this day,when I'm getting ready ill use an enema bulb at least three times (hot water) then I'll shower .

When I'm in the shower I'll take frozen chunks of coconut oil and push them up my ass,what a feeling.,

Then I'll start pushing anice dildo into my ass with suction cup against the wall of shower,10 minutes later I'll come to bed lay on my belly and wait for her to pounce,she always makes me scream and Howel ,

She wants to go to Vegas or Reno and make me order room service when she is dreaming me a new asshole and she tells me

Its up to me if the people on the phone notice me(so mean yum) if I pull through that I'll get a reward ,what you might ask,

Whenshe hears the knock on the door,her answer is come in .

Whomever opens our door will see me tied up on my back with legs behind my head and my cock above my face with a cock in my ass and mine shooting all over my face help



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Sounds like a great little toy!!!! :)

And, let me reiterate that if a man enjoys anal play, that does NOT make him gay at all!!!

Just like if a woman enjoys anal play, that doesn't mean she's gay right? Or enjoys getting eaten out, that doesn't mean she's gay, just that she's enjoying pleasures!

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