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Hee~ finally, I get to post something cheerful! ^.^ ... ^^' It's not the lavish tales of ladies having ultimate squirt sessions or getting their dream three-way, but this is special for me. I thought I'd share as a thank for you telling me to keep my chin up during the very long rough patches I've had.

My SO has tried oral on me a few times, but was pretty intimidated by my "lady parts." :P He thought it was the taste, then the smell ... xD apparently, he's a little weirded out by the texture, too. He said it wasn't actually bad, just very different.

After a long break from trying, he told me he really wanted to try again, but I was ... admittedly pretty reluctant myself, since you may have noticed--if you saw my previous entry--I've been pretty damn discouraged lately. After some hair removal (my SO is big on smooth, soft, hair-free skin--mainly that of my double D twins, but he's snuggled up to my plushie-esque belly and thighs before,) and a warm up shower, he tried again.

It was still awkward at first. I gave him a few extra pointers and he went slow. It felt pretty silly. He licked my bellybutton and did that thing you do with babies when you blow on their bellies and make that funny noise. xD Relieving tension (or killing moods, depending on whether used for good or evil >_>) is kind of a talent of his. It was nice to laugh, I didn't realize how tense I was. =\

He moved lower, started licking around my thighs and the lowest parts of my abdomen. He said it was smooth and really warm. (He always sounds surprised at how warm I am, like it's always the first time feeling it...)

I thought this wasn't going to work, because he admitted he felt like he couldn't breathe. It was too warm and he said that it wasn't a cleaning issue, it was just my natural scent that he found very ... overpowering. Not bad, per se, just powerful. I told him he could stop, but he refused, and stayed there, just kind of snuggling against my thigh and kissing me around there. He said he needed to get use to it. I thought it was sweet that he was determined, but I really thought that would be it.

However, his hand somehow ended up on my boobs. (xD Yes. "Somehow" it finds its way there very, very frequently. :P He is most definitely a tits-man. Luckily, I enjoy the attention as much--if not more--than he enjoys giving it.)

It didn't really take long to get me aroused when he started playing with them and that's probably due in part to my anticipation. I told him I was getting pretty wet and that it was probably a combination of the two, which he misheard as me -wanting- him to try both at the same time ... which he started doing, because the idea of turning me on got him excited. Really, really excited. ("The circus is in town~~")

I can't tell you exactly what happened afterwards, since my brain was reduced to a happy gooey melted mush, but ... wow. He catches on quick. :) Mind you, I didn't actually orgasm from it just yet. He still needs some time to practice and get use to it, but it still felt fan-fucking-tastic. And he told me something I suspected this whole time: "When I heard those sexy sounds you made, I forgot all about everything else, I just wanted to keep going."

:) ... You know, I feel lucky to have a lover who is really excited (in more ways than one) about pleasing me and seeing me happy. I really love him and I'm glad to know that we can both enjoy being intimate like that. I'm also a bit stunned at how sensitive I was. Fingers do ... very little, if anything, to me.

But, holy hell, his tongue ... just feels awesome. I have renewed hopes for the future!

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Congrats. Keep playing it only gets better.

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