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Advise On Somehing For A Male Friend


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There are some good reviews on the forum under sex toys - reviews. I suggest you take a look there. Personally I am not a fan of most of the masturbators. I would suggest staying away from the jelly ones. They tend to be tacky and sticky to the touch.

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I never had any of the troubles that RC mentioned and I've had 2. One of them was ribbed on the inside. As I member the ribbed puppy could REALLY throw my pecker for a loop!!

There is a mans masturbation toy that since the original came out have heard a lot about it and none of it was bad. Yeah....the FLESHLIGHT!!!

Looks kinda like a flashlight. Has pussy, mouth and anus openings. They seem to be sized for any length tho as I've said I've never seen one nor tried one.

If you have a Lovers Package store nearby watch your weekly ads that cum in your mailbox for their ads. Frequently you'll see coupons for 30% to 50% off your next purchase. I bought several $70 to 90 dollar Rabbit vibes and fancy dildos with coupons and was glad for it.

TT has a one year replacement guarantee for all their products (or they did 5 yr ago-hopefully they still do). I never had to replace a TT product. :D I have had either 3 or 4 Rabbit vibes that all went kaflooey before I'd had them 6 months. The last Rabbit I had broke in two while athletically changing positions!!! I was having about the BEST ANAL SEX EVER when that motherfucker busted in half :angry: :wacko: :( After that I was done with these suckers.

Rabbits may need to be built in a welding/machine shop and run off wall current.

Personally if I was fixed better there's several fucking machines I like. One is self powered kinda like a stationary bike. You sit on it and work the pedals and the dong goes inside your tushy and back out again. How fast you pedal determines the speed. Pretty slick and uses only muscle power. Perfect for the tree huggers. The Sybian is another I like. Built to make a womans clit go Hog Wild I've seen short Dildos mounted on this puppy and it's a better deal than the locomotive geared FMs I've seen.

That's all this old Redneck has got. :blink:

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