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Y'all can call me Rose. I'm over 20 years old, and I have never had sex. Closest I got with another person was a make-out or two with my ex at college, while closest I get to vaginal sex is my dildo. I've felt unattractive all my life, and I still feel this way even after I've started taking measures to lose weight as well as trying to take care of myself in general.

What also doesn't help my situation is that I grew up in a Christian family (and with a VERY conservative grandmother). Thankfully my mother and, surprisingly, grandmother are both fine with me dipping my toe in the waters with masturbation rather than jumping headfirst into sex with someone else.

I guess my biggest issue is self-confidence issues - I've felt so unattractive and forced to cover up for so many years that I find it hard to like something other people in my family seem to want me to hide.

Sorry for depressing intro, but that's my sex life in a nutshell - very little on it because I haven't had any chance to play with myself or feel special, so to speak.

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Guest Mrs.BettyCrocker

Hi Rose!

Welcome! I'm glad you've joined the TooTimid Forum, and hope you can use this community as a healthy place to discuss sexuality! There are a lot of great folks on here who are happy to offer advice, recommendations and support!

A LOT of members come from similar backgrounds, where their families were very conservative in their beliefs for moral or religious reasons, or simply from a lack of  information. The important thing is you've decided to do something about the things in your life that are bothering you!

Self-confidence is a huge issue for many people, myself included, and I hope you are able to get to a point where you feel comfortable in your own skin! Not having had sex is nothing to be unhappy with yourself about, and as your self-confidence grows you'll find the right person to share that moment with!

I'm glad you enjoy sex toys (obviously as a sex toy seller I'm biased) but I truly believe using a toy can be a great way to get to know yourself better without the added pressure of trying to please a partner! If you ever need recommendations or have any questions feel free to message me here or at alessandra@tootimid.com! 

Thanks again for joining the forum & sharing your experiences with us!

- Ali (MrsBettyCrocker)

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Welcome Rose. I hope you path of discovery and confidence brings you many rewards. 

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Hello Rose, I am sorry that you feel that way.  I hope the forums help you <3 and welcome

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Welcome Rose. I hope you are able to find some answers you're looking for.

Being comfortable with your body is a struggle most women have. So, don't think that you're odd for that one bit!

A little tip:

Get to know your own body first. Know what excites you, what gets you off. Once you're able to do that, you can teach someone how to help you orgasm. If you don't know your body's areas of pleasure, how will anyone else? 

Sex is not only a bonding experience, it's suppose to be a pleasurable one for BOTH people. It should not be one sided, but a sharing activity.

Again, welcome to the forums!

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Hi rose! Welcome to the forums hope you find what your looking for and more!! This group is very nice and extremely welcoming. Enjoy!

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