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Hi! We have a sex swing and want to use it more.  We have been looking for some movies that involve the sex swing in them but they are kind of hard to find!  If anyone knows of any or just has good info to share Id love to hear it!  Thanks

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Guest Mrs.BettyCrocker
Just figured I'd add a great review written by Marriage Bed Reviews on the Love Swing! 
- Ali from TooTimid
Her thoughts: This swing is SO comfortable! It's sturdy and I haven't had any concerns about using it safely. I love that it takes any strain or awkwardness out of standing positions & makes standing positions really easy! It also comes with a booklet with various positions you can try. As a parent of small kids, I appreciate that the swing itself is removable so the only thing left in the ceiling is one hook.


His thoughts: Wow! Where to start? Haha. I really didn't know what to expect with this. It was our first swing. We thought about a door jam one to start but I really just wanted to just all in so we got the full swing. Great decision on our part!


So the box was actually not nearly as large as I thought it may be. As soon as you take it out of the shipping box there are pictures right on the swing box showing various positions you can do. This was nice because I decided to not look up any positions. I wanted to give an honest review from never having used a swing. These folks really made it easy to get into swings. The positions were right on the box and in a little booklet with the setup instructions.


The setup was super easy! Just pre-drill and then hand screw in the eye bolt. The swing can screw into a door jam or right into a ceiling joist. I weigh 220 ish and had no concerns sitting in it to test and make sure my wife, who weighs way less than I do, would be safe. It was quite comfortable to me and she said the same. As she said, it made standing positions for the guy way less difficult and the views will be great!


If you are trying to decide whether to get a swing or not I say go for it! This one is really easy to set up, very easy to adjust and so easy to hide! Yes the price is definitely an investment but coming from this being our first swing, this is definitely my new go to place to get together so totally worth the price.

 - Marriage Bed Reviews

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I've viewed PLENTY of adult films in my day, and I haven't seen any of them with sex swings!! I think that's a great point!!! Maybe adult films that are more on the S&M/Bondage side may have some as a scene. Just a thought.


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