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Male ejuctulation


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Premature is NOT the problem! Nerve damage in the spine is the problem! But I get the point and the pain will make it go away! Only pain meds is ibuprofen! We have to start all over! We have tried different potions and so on and need to know if there is a cream for making me more sensitive! I usually give up trying to cum which leads to more frustration! Urologist says plumbing is fine!

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Good to know you have done the first part of the work, see a doctor to make sure everything is good. While there are many topical creams that help delay, I have not seen many that increase sensation. Having said that I know that some have had success with clitoral creams to heighten sensitivity. Applying this type of product to the head and just below has had some effects for some people. It is a bit of trial and error with different ointments. Other's I know have luck with warming lube. But that can se tricky with a partner if she is sensitive. I wish you the best finding something that works for you. If I see something else I will be happy to pass it along.

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Guest Mrs.BettyCrocker

Hi Ernie!

I missed the first part of this thread, but I did want to give you some information on the creams we have for men. The Plump - Enhancing Cream For Men is a fast acting cream that you apply directly to the penis, and it increases blood-flow to the penis. 

The Max G Stimulating Male Prostate Gel uses Clove to enhance sensations of the prostate gland, and could be used for external stimulation, though I'd be careful using it for intercourse since it is not a lubricant. 

Swiss Navy 2 In 1 His & Hers  is a set that included a male enhancing lubricant and a stimulating gel for her. 

I'd also suggest checking out our selection of Penis Pumps, if that would be something you're interested in. They can help with stimulation and sensitivity! 

I know the Dr. Joel Kaplan Penis Pump System is VERY popular, though a bit expensive. 

The more modestly priced Pistol Pump was just recently reviewed by one of our Review Team Members, and he gave it 4/5 stars, and said it was a great option for beginners! 

Hopefully that is helpful! Feel free to reply here or send me a personal message if you have any questions!

- Ali 

*Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I'm not dispensing medical advice! Just friendly helpful notions! (though I DO look great in a lab coat)* 

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