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Hi! I'm new here!


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Welcome, there are many here who can answer your questions. There are many types of rabbit vibrators. 

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Welcome to the tootimid forums I'm sure you will get the answers your looking for

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Howdy Hay Tomcrucker and Welcum to TT one of the Hottest and laid back adult forums on the Net. As it happens the parents of this great site Too Timid.com SELLS Rabbit Vibes as well as every udder manner of vibe. Checkout their guarantee *it lasts at least a YEAR or return it for credit on something else.* I've botten dildos here and still got those toys and they still work. Egg vibrators cupped in your hand while holding a dildo with ball sac works extremely:kiss:well. I discovered the joy of toys near 40 years ago. Then came lubes and flogging pursuits. I can recommend some sure fire jackoff sites. XHamster is a good one.

Oops OT a bit. Know this: I broke 3 RVs while using them. At around 100 bucks a shot that gets old damn quick. Find a dildo you really like and play it safe and buy a spare for when you wear out your Mister Big. Had Mr.Big 15 years +/-. His ball sac is near torn off. I need a new one. Perty dang sure it was a TT product back in the day. Gave me countless little Os (thousands) and 2 Mongo O's.


Welcome to the fold.

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