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Revenge spanking


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So, like, oh my...where to begin, like...okay? So, like, I do enjoy spanking men, just in general. But...oh...what really makes me wet...is when I am spanking a man in revenge because he has done a Woman wrong. Ahh..it’s the most delicious combination. Pleasure and sweet...sweet revenge! I have a book entitled The Woman’s Book Of Revenge. Well, spanking should be one of the revenge ideas included in that book. After all, it is about getting revenge on men for the humiliation they have caused. And of course, Women want to humiliate them back. So, what better way to humiliate a man who humiliated you than to spank him? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love it! 

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Someone I used to see would trade spanking. Not sure if she got wetter from being spanked or doing the spanking but it was always fun. We did it standing up, arms over our heads and against the wall. Legs spread. Nude. Sometimes a brush. Often a belt. Sometimes hands. It HURTS to spank someone else with your hands. At least if you do it hard. She would have juices running down her thighs when we were done. Never did anything else, just spanked. She told me that she would masturbate for hours after we were done but never allowed me to watch. I'd LOVE to see her again but she's about 3,000 miles away and we've lost touch. 

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