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How do I?


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  • 9 months later...

Well, this is an old post, and I do apologize for not seeing it much much sooner!!!

I'm curious to see if you have been able to have that 3some?

In answer to your question, and possibly helping others....

Sometimes fantasizing about a 3some is just exciting enough for some. Adding toys and acting like it's another person is a way to stay in your couple-dom, yet feel like you are with another. Watching videos can also add some fun spice and if you have good imaginations, you can act like you're there in with the movie! :)

The biggest thing is you need to figure out if she is actually truly willing to have a real 3some. It take a strong couple to withstand the aftermath of a 3some (jealousy, guilt). There needs to be personal boundaries, and also, the willingness to stop anything that's going on if one of the couple (or even your third), is uncomfortable. 

If she discovers that, no, she really doesn't want a real 3some, then, if you love and respect her, that needs to be honored, and dropped.

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You have to be on the same page

You have to be secure in your relationship

You have to be 100% sure.

Honestly, you're better off finding a FWB or going to Vegas and paying two escorts for a threesome on your own and getting it over with. Women are almost always drama when it comes to adding those kinds of sexual adventures that involve other people into your marriage / relationship. It might be fun and games right now, but if you think she's not compartmentalizing it only to rear it's ugly head one day then you're deluding yourself.

My blunt two cents!

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