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Successful Mother's Day Toast


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I was going to make today be all about my wife. We started out having a late breakfast that I cooked for her. Shortly after breakfast we showered and were planning on spending a good time in bed. After satisfying my wife's gastronomical appetite it was time to take care of her sexual appetite.

I got the bed all arranged and took out some toys and also put a video in to watch some porn. Meanwhile I mixed up a pitcher of pina coladas. Bring the glass to bed and she said "toast" ? So I made a toast that was here's to multiple Mother's Day orgasms. She just smiled.

We're laying in bed watching porn, not totally naked yet, and I asked her if she wanted me to rub some oils on her. She goes yes but let me rub some on you first. She grabbed some sensual oils and started rubbing on my cock and my balls and "accidentally" her finger goes inside my asshole. No objection from me there.

I then had her lie on her stomach while I started giving her a sensual massage. I started rubbing oils on her and started working on her shoulders and down her back and stopping at her butt to gently knead her cheeks. Every once in awhile my finger slide in her crack and gently touch her anus. Worked all the way down to her toes . I then had her turn over and massaged oils on her from toes to scalp. 

I told her to relax and that I had a special treat for her. I tied her hands above her head to the headboard and I blindfolded her. I told her just to relax and I'd be gentle with her.

I started out now playing and sucking on her toes and give her kisses all the way up her legs, stopping at her pussy where I blew soft warm breaths on her clit. I proceeded to kiss her across her belly to each nipple and finally on her neck and ears.

I then lit a massage oil candle and started dripping hot oil all over her body. I would drop some lotion right on her clit which made her start to squirm. I then  put some on each nipple and then massage it in. Then I grabbed an ice cube in my mouth and kissed her all up and down her body with the ice cube. She is now squirming even more and I can tell she's getting ready for me to up the ante.

I lubed up some vibrating anal beads and slowly inserted it into her asshole. While I was doing that I was gently licking her clit. After a few minutes of this I grabbed a g-spot vibrator, lubed it up, turned it on and insert it into her pussy. Within minutes orgasm number one. Leaving both toys inserted I then started sucking on her clit. A Little while later orgasm number two.

Leaving both toys inserted and vibrating I moved up and straddled her and stuck my cock into her mouth. She enjoyed this and was voraciously sucking on me. As I felt myself wanting to come I pulled myself out on the edge of orgasm. I put on a vibrating cock ring and took out her g-spot vibrator and stuck my cock in her pussy instead. I pushed myself in as far as I could and just rubbed the vibrating ring on her clit. Orgasm number three.

I couldn't hold back any longer so I started thrusting myself faster and deeper inside her. I then tensed up with orgasm and as I did she let out with screams of orgasm number four. 

I then untied her and took off her blindfold and we laid there holding each other for a while. She turned and looked at me and I just said Happy Mother's Day.

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Very awesome!!!

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52 minutes ago, Insaciable69 said:

You’re making me wish I was your wife! 
That made me so wet...time to go play 😘

glad I can do the same to you as you always do to me when I look at your pictures.

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