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The Balcony

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You and I attend an opera at the Metropolitan in New York...we are seated up high in a small secluded balcony with a crow's nest view of the well-worn wooden stage and the audience seated below. Our seats are made of deep maroon crushed velvet fabric. You absentmindedly play with the smooth textures of your chair’s armrest. You then gaze over at me and smile secretly to yourself. You enjoy watching me sing quietly in Italian to the arias sung by the costumed performers. It begins to turn you on so you begin to play with my hair and remove the clips that hold it up into a bun. It surprises me for only a second. But I then instinctively catch on to your advances and follow your invitation to “play.” I unzip your pants and discreetly worm my fingers to your eagerly awaiting cock. I stroke him slowly at first...then pick up speed. You are breathing a little quicker and we kiss deeply and passionately...You bend your head down and mouth one of my nipples through the sheer material of my blouse. My nipple stands erect. You open my blouse and devour my breast in your mouth making circles on it with your tongue...I am moaning softly for you to continue. Then a moment later, I get down off my seat and squat on the floor and devour your raging cock with my slippery mouth and tongue him roughly. You moan for me to keep on...I expertly keep the pressure on your pole with my hands...you are begging for release. I intensify my moves and start to suck your ball sack...you let out a loud groan. No one in the theatre hears because they are distracted by the crescendo of the operatic music being played out. The walls of the massive room hum and the music reverberates off the wings adding to the sexual act being played out in this private balcony...you reach orgasm and loudly call out my name with some panting to follow. My perspiring face smiles at yours...we know we just made beautiful music together...the audience applauds below....

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Thanks Rio.....nothing better than naughtiness to brighten your day....  Mmmmmmmm💋💋

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