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What Was Your Sexiest Halloween Costume?


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What was your sexiest Halloween costume, and when?

I'm usually a cat for Halloween. One year, 1997 I believe, I was Elvira, and I was a waitress. Let's just say my tips were REALLY good that night!!! Then, the following year, I dressed in a full body leotard (I was very slim at the time), painted stitches on it, and went as Michele Pfifer's version of Catwoman. I even had the bullwhip on my side. I think that was my favorite one. Tips were EXCELLENT that night!!! Meow! ;)


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Ironically, I JUST posted a picture on a photography forum I belong to, for a 'photographers post yourself' day theme, and it was of me in this costume. It was at your party, actually, in 1992(?), I was dressed as a vampiress. Homemade dress was low-cut in the front, "knockers a'plenty," and it had a wide, tight belt to help emphasize my (then much thinner) waistline and my (always too big) breasts.

It's fun to feel sexy -- even when you look dead. *snicker*

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Do you belly dance, or did you just have the costume. I love it!

Mine was the belly dancer. I have the authentic stuff. It's quite erotic.
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