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I'm excited!


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My wife and I have pretty much always had a "conservative" sex life with nothing really out of the norm. But as she's gotten older, she's become more adventuresome.

Well, I did her a favor today and as I was driving (I was making two stops) I texted her she owed me some pussy for this to which she replied "ok!".

Then as I was headed to my second stop, I texted again that she owed me some "butt play". She just now jokingly texted that I had an alterior motive the whole time! BUT SHE DIDN'T SAY NO!

I just don't know if she is thinking I want to take her anally or if I want her to take me (which is what I want).

The good part is she hasn't said no or called me a freak or anything. Older women rock!

PS....I just texted clarifying what I wanted but no reply yet... LOL


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I hope you get what you want hoggy. Like to hear about it. My wife recently just started accepting anal pleasures for both of us. Adds a whole new dimension to our sex life. Hopefully for you she put something like this in your ass.


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Anal play can take some getting use to, and prepped for.

Make sure you have plenty of lube. Working up to something as big as a penis in a small hole, it takes some prepping. Hence the lube. You can get a really cool kit on here for working up to larger things anally. Start off small, so she can get use to it, and work her way up.

Have fun!!


Anal kit

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