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Paul Thomas and Vivid Interactive do it again in this adult film drama.

A story of a love circle, a scheme to break up a wedding, sex, sex, and more sex will keep you entertained and excited through the whole film. Familiar faces grace your screen as you delve deeper into the storyline. Yes, that’s right, I said “storyline”! Paul Thomas is famous for storylines in his films, and he doesn’t disappoint in this one either.

There’s something for everyone in a variety of age groups, in this film: 5 anal scenes, girl on girl, 3-somes, voyeurism, 40-somethings still enjoying great sex, humor, and a variety of body types as well. There’s a bunch of extras on this disc as well, including a blooper reel, and a Behind The Scenes chapter, where you can see how an adult film is made.

Lola, a poor, pretty, country gal, who loves having sex, gets engaged to timid, skinny Manny, who won’t stand up to his control-freak mother, Claudia, and set a date, much to Lola’s disappointment. Claudia schemes to break them up by hiring Ramon, the hunky model, to hit on her. However, Claudia’s plan backfires and she ends up also falling for Ramon, loosing her husband, and the respect of her son once her plans all fall apart.

This film definitely kept my interest throughout the whole film.

I won’t give it all away, but let’s just say there’s nothing like keeping it in the family!


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I reviewed this movie too, and I enjoyed it immensly! I am a big fan of Paul Thomas - he is great at putting in a storyline. Great review and thanks for the added info!


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