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Thought I'd Share.


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Just thought I'd share something funny that happened to me last night.

I made chili dogs and fries for dinner, and since I was tending to the baby, my husband decieded to make my plate. He comes in, with a chili dog covered in luke warm chili sauce ( now I know why it wasnt very warm) And I went to go pick it up from the plate he was handing me, and good thing I noticed before taking a big bite from it, but he had placed his cock in the bun, and covered it in chili sauce so I wouldnt notice the "hot dog" being bigger then normal. We both busted up laughing, it was a fun night.

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OK, I can't resist....

Was there a creme filling?


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Well, unfortuantly, at the time we couldnt do anything, the kids were at their table eating, I was tending to the baby, but later that night I sure did get a cream filling. He just LOVES to tease me when he knows I cant do anything about it at that specific time, and I suppose Im guilty of that too, I often do something to get his mind going when we're in public, or have company over.

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