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My sexual desire has been lost


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My husband and I were married for 19 years, we got a divorce and we were apart for a year and half, in that time I had sexual Partner that gave me mind blowing sex, I was able to have multiple orgasms with this man, he was very good at what he did, we had sex everyday for about a year and then due to the fact I wasn’t in love with him and other circumstances we broke up, now I am back with my husband (long story) and we are remarried, we are deeply in love with one another but our sex life is not good, we have sex maybe once a month…he works hard and is always exhausted and is sleeping by the time he hits the pillow, and the foreplay isn’t there. The sex is ok, but I learned so much about myself when with the other man that I am just not satisfied with the sex I have with my husband but I don’t know how to tell him what I want without feeling guilty, I learned this all with another man and I don’t want him to feel bad because I am not happy or satisfied with the sex we do have. He always makes sure I have an orgasm but I need more, not just orgasms but more intensity and pleasure…I don’t know what to do. 

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Communication! I know that can be hard at times but you guys need to figure out what each of you are feeling. I'm sure he was with other woman in that time you guys were separated. Ask him what he likes with sex that can make it better for him and then let him know what you like. It might have to come down to counseling. Good luck in finding what you're looking for.

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