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Just another story.

They had been chatting for several weeks after “meeting” each other online.  He was playful, but it was the firmness that came across when he showed his dominate side that drew her in.  He wasn’t an ass about it, didn’t try to put her down or call her names.  He didn’t call her his nasty slut or anything, thank goodness.  That didn’t appeal to her.  He was just direct with her, and he paid attention to what she said.  She could tell by how perfect he got it when he described what he wanted to do to her.

They had arranged to meet in person in public to make sure the attraction they had developed while chatting was as good in person.  Plus, they had wanted to assure each other there was no catfishing going on.  When they met in person at the coffee shop, she was pleased to see that he had been honest about his appearance.  He did look a bit safer than she imagined.  He looked like a regular guy, just sitting in a coffee shop.

They talked for a while and then said their goodbyes.  They had agreed that it would only be coffee…just a chance to meet in real life.  There would be no playing yet.  By the time she got home she already had a message waiting.  He told her it had taken a lot for him to let her walk away from the coffee shop without touching her.  He asked if she wanted to plan playtime now that they had met.

She couldn’t help the smile his words brought to her face.  She felt the warmth of arousal rise in her at the thought that he had wanted her at the coffee shop…he had seemed so calm and collected at the time.  She responded back to him that she did want to play.

They arranged to meet at his house a few days later.  When the day approached, she was incredibly nervous, but excited.  She had stressed over what she was going to wear for hours.  She finally realized that it probably didn’t matter as she didn’t think her clothes would stay on long.

When she arrived at his house, her adrenalin was causing her hands to tremble slightly.  He answered the door and she felt more at ease by his calm demeanor.  He asked her inside and gave her a quick tour.  His home overlooked the Pacific Ocean and she had arrived right as the sun was setting.  It was impressive, but not really what she was there for.

They sat on the couch and talked for a bit and then he started kissing her.  Damn, the man could kiss. She liked how much confidence he had while kissing her.  She liked the little hum of appreciation he gave as he devoured her lips.

He stood her up and brought her to a large chaise type sofa that was in his living room. It seemed as big as a full-sized bed.  He began undressing her.  She reached out and helped him out of his cloths.  When they were both naked, told her to lie on the chaise.  She saw him put a condom on the edge of the sofa.

She did as she was told and let her gaze roam over him.  Wow!  He hadn’t lied about his impressive cock either.  She had seen pictures, but it seemed more intimidating in person. 

He laughed a little and said, “Glad you like it.”  Oh shit, she must have said her thoughts out loud.  She could feel herself blush.

He joined her on the chaise and kissed and touched her all over.  It felt overwhelming and she tried to keep up by running her hands over him.  He pushed her back gently, so she was laying on her back and he was to the side of her, facing her.  When she reached out to touch his cock, he grabbed her hands and pulled them above her hand.

“Not yet”, was all he said.  There it was again, that dominance that appealed to her.

He moved his mouth to her nipples and bit and licked at them.  Sucking one into his mouth, she cried out in pleasure.  She couldn’t help arching closer to him, but she kept her hands above her head.  He took the other nipple into his mouth and circled it with his tongue.  She squirmed and moaned.

He tugged at her nipple and lifted his head slightly, making eye contact with her.  Then he released it and said, “Are you wet for me?”

She could feel moisture at her core, but she wanted to see if he was as playful in real life as he was in their chats, “Maybe you should check?”

He arched an eyebrow, but his smile quickly followed.  “That’s an excellent idea.  Spread your legs for me.”

She swallowed and complied.  He ran a hand along the inside of her thigh, he kept teasing closer, but not touching her pussy.  She arched closer to his hand and made a little whimper. 

He gave a little laugh, “Eager for me to touch your pussy?”

She could feel herself flush, the warmth of lust spread through her.  His hand kept moving closer, but not quite touching where she wanted him to be.  She squirmed and tried to get closer.

His hand settled firmly on her thigh, so close to her core, “Tell me what you want.”

She took a deep breath and said, “I want you to touch me.”

His eyes were heated when he said, “I am touching you.”

She bit at her bottom lip and then said, “I thought you were going to check if I was wet.”

“That’s right.”, he moved his hand above her pussy and slid one finger along her slit.  She heard him take in a breath, “Yes, this pussy is very wet.  What should we do about that?”

This banter was so much harder in person, she thought it would be easier.  But she was having trouble focusing on anything except the feeling of his finger stroking along her slit.

He slid the tip of his middle finger inside her, “Tell me what you want.”

She squirmed and whimpered, “Please…”

He worked just the tip of his finger in and out of her slowly, “What are you asking for?  Hmm?  Tell me what you want.  You know I will give it to you, but I want to hear to say it.”

She bit at her lip again and said, “I want you inside me.”

He slid his finger inside her quickly and she moaned.  It felt so good.  He fucked her with his finger for a bit and then pulled it out and rubbed at her clit.  He then slid two fingers insider her. 

She cried out, “Yes, yes please.”

He continued fucking her with his fingers and then slowed down.  “Are you ready for my cock now?”

She was so ready, “Yes.”

“Tell me what you want.” He was still fucking her slowly with his two fingers.

“I want your cock inside me now.” 

He smiled and removed his fingers.  He grabbed the condom and quickly rolled it on.  Then he went between her legs and pulled her knees up until her feet were flat on the chaise.  He rubbed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

She couldn’t help moving her hips to increase the friction.  He pushed forward and entered her slowly.  He was stretching her, filling her slowly.  She gasped at the sensation, how hard he felt entering her.  She had imagined it while they chatted, yes.  But this was so much better than her imagination. 

He thrust slowly, just giving her part of his cock.  He was giving her time to adjust.  She really appreciated that, but she also wanted him to make her take all of him.  It was a naughty fantasy that they had talked about. 

She moaned as he moved inside her, still not filling her fully.  She decided to give the fantasy a try, “I don’t know if I can take it all.”

He paused and looked in her eyes.  He must have seen what he was looking for as he grinned briefly, then gave her a stern look, “Oh you will take it.  You will take all of it.”

She felt her vaginal muscle clench at his words.  He obviously felt it too as he let out a soft, “Oh fuck”, before recovering his serious expression.  He continued fucking just part way inside of her. 

Then he paused and said, “You’re going to take all of it now.”  He thrust fully inside her and she cried out. 

She felt so stretched, so full.  He was hitting every spot she needed him to.  He held himself inside her and ground himself into her.

Her orgasm was suddenly right there, so close.  “Fuck, you’re going to make me come.”

He continued to ground into her as he reached between them and pressed on her clit.  “Come for me then.”, he commanded.

Within a minute of feeling him fill her fully and work her clit she came hard.  She cried out and arched against him.  Her muscles milked at his cock.  He finally started moving in and out of her.  He was fucking her with long hard strokes.

It felt amazing.  She couldn’t not touch him anymore.  She grabbed his should and hung on as he fucked her deeply.  She couldn’t take her eyes off him; it was so hot to watch him drive into her.  She watched the muscles in his arms, and he held himself up above her.  Every thrust felt so good, listening to him pound into her was so hot.  She could feel another orgasming rising in her.

“Fuck, I am going to come now!”, he said.  It felt like he got even harder as grunted.  Her orgasm hit her hard as she felt him pulse, her muscles milked at him. 

He must have felt it as he said, “Fuck yes, milk my cock!”

As he recovered, he leaned over her and kissed her.  Then he pulled out and walked down the hall, she assumed to the bathroom.

She felt a pleasant afterglow as she laid on the chaise.  After a couple minutes, she started feeling a little self-conscience.  So, she stood up and started getting dressed.    She had most of her clothes back on when he came back into the room in all his naked glory.

He walked up to her and held her arms still, “What’re you doing?  I’m not done with you yet.”  He immediately removed the clothes she had put on.  He kissed her and stroked his hands over her.  He spun her around so that her back was against his chest.  He fondled her breasts and kissed the side of her neck.  She could feel his cock coming back to life behind her.

He told her to get on her hands and knees on the chaise.  Once she was in position, he got behind her and licked her pussy from clit to ass.  She moaned and squirmed against his tongue.  He fucked his tongue into her pussy while holding firm to her hips.  After a few minutes, he stood up and she heard another condom wrapper being opened.

Then she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy.  He slid inside of her a few inches.  Then she felt him reach out and fist her hair in his hand, close to her scalp.  His grasp was firm, but not painful.  His other hand was firmly on her hip.  “Are you ready for my cock?”

His words caused her to get even wetter for him, “Yes.”

He pumped only a few inches in and out of her.  He pulled back on her hair, causing her back to arch, “Are you ready to take all of it again?”

She whimpered and managed, “Yes, please.”

He thrust hard inside of her.  He held there briefly, make her feel him claiming her.  Then he fucked in and out of her in deep and firm thrusts.  He kept a hold on her hair and her hip.  She moaned and whimpered and took everything he gave her.

He removed the hand that was holding her hip and reached around to her clit.  He strummed it as he continued to fuck her.  The sensations were too much, and she could not hold off the orgasm as it hit her hard.  Her muscles squeezed the cock inside of her.

He slowed his thrusts and then pulled out of her.  She looked back at him and him remove the condom, “Come suck me”, he said.

She moved towards him and sat at the edge of the chaise.  She stroked his cock with her hands and rubbed the smooth tip.  She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the tip.  It had a faint taste from the condom, but she could also taste his precum. 

She moved her tongue around the underneath of the tip, loving the feeling of him on her tongue.  Then she licked the length of him.  She moved back to the tip and took him into her mouth.  She moved her tongue around as she moved him in and out of her mouth.  She looked up at him and froze as she saw the heated look in his eyes.  He was watching her suck him, and it was so hot.

She went back to working him with her mouth.  She took him as far as she could and then bobbed her head up and down on him, fucking him with her mouth.  He held her head in his hands, but he didn’t try to control the movements.  She sucked him hard, and he swore under his breath.

She let that spur her on and she continued to lick and suck on him.  When she had him deep in her mouth and swallowed and he let out a moan.  She sped up moving him in and out of her mouth.  She felt his grip in her hair tighten as he said, “I am going to cum and you are going to drink every drop.”

She hummed her agreement.  Then she continued to work her mouth on his cock.  She felt him start to pulse in her mouth.  She swallowed right away.  When he was done, he pulled himself from her mouth.  He sat down beside her and laid back on the chaise, breathing heavy.

She couldn’t help her smile.  She loved that she got him off with her mouth.

After several minutes they both got dressed.  She went home feeling the sweet soreness from having him deep inside of her.

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Loved this one as well. ☀️

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On 5/11/2022 at 9:55 PM, Katie Did It said:

What a wonderful story of new and exciting sex! 

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

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