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For my virtual Valentine, you know who you are 😉


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Too bad I wasn't Cupid. I could pay you a visit. Slowly undress you. Nuzzle you behind your ears, trace the tip of my tongue around your neck and my finger tips make their way across your soft skin. While standing behind you pressing myself tight against you, my hard cock resting happily up between the cheeks of your butt, my hands caress your breasts and tease your nipples. As I continue with one hand, the other makes its way down between you legs. Feeling the moisture building as fast as your breathing. Mm, your nipples are so hard, your clit is swollen, your pussy lips are opening like a flower in the morning sunlight. Your eyes are closed now, mouth slightly open as quivering breathes and whimpers slip through your lips. As my finger slips in and out of you, you hump my hard cock with your ass, the palm of my hand applying some pressure on your wanting clit. Mm, feeling your juices run down my finger I increase the finger thrusts and palm pressure until you have an orgasm. 

You turn to put your lips to mine. Sharing soft kisses, the tips of our tongues tease one another. Your hand stroking me, I move my head down so I can give your tingling nipples some much needed attention. What's this? My finger is back inside of you as I continue sucking, licking, nibbling and kissing your breasts. Oh you are Soo tight, so wet. I feel your pussy gripping my finger as your free hand runs through my hair. 

We choose to make our way to the bed. You lay in the center of the bed, taking matters in your own hands as you caress your body, breasts, nipples and clit. Your eyes are locked on me watching as I stroke my cock for you. As you slip a finger inside, your eyes close and your body arches slightly. Mm, hearing and seeing how wet you are makes me want to cum right now as I stroke faster. You look at me and open your mouth with your tongue slightly out. I move so you can suck on my deep red colored. Your wet mouth works back and forth around the head and shaft. Our hands are working every bit of your body and I move over you into a 69. My tongue teases your clit and then I suck on it for a bit before I move my tongue in to your steamy wet love nest. Your sweet juices are mindblowing as I move back and forth from your clit to your pussy. I tease your ass with a very wet finger tip, once in a while pressing just enough so the tip enters you. Your moans are heard as well as felt through my cock and body as you cum in my mouth. I move off of you as you chase my cock briefly with mouth and hand. I move up between your open legs. Your smile is so warm and peaceful, your eyes showing lust and heated passion. I slide my cock up and down through your wet lips and rub the tip around your exposed clit. Your eyes close, your mouth opens as I tease you by putting just the head in and taking it back out to slide through your lips and over you clit. I do this several times, each time a wet pop is heard. Then I slowly work my self inside you about half way. You whimper in sexual delight, your back arches, your head tilting back as that sweet wet tight peach of yours grasps my cock wanting more, wanting it all. I pull back and thrust inside of you all the way. Your moan sounds through the rothrough the room.

As I slowly pump my cock in and out of you, I suck on your nipples and we share tender kisses. Our sex scent has now filled the room, fueling our desire and increased passion. We are both now in autopilot so to say. Your soft moans and whimpers mixing wwith my light grunts and the sound of our skin coming together as well as your increasing wetness have created a symphony of lust.

As you near orgasm, I feel your pussy gripping my cock from the inside out as you feel my cock curve a bit more. Whimpering softly you say, "Give it to me. Fill me with your........Ohhhhh" as my come fills your pussy.

As I said, if only i were Cupid. Then again maybe I am 😘

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Oooh Eager4Beaver, You have written a very sensuous story. I loved it! I wish you would write another.It sure got my juices flowing. Whew!!☀️

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