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It had been a sensual and fun night sharing our bodies. It had been awhile and meeting up with them was a treat.   

I was waiting at the bar when Dean came in. he was alone and walked right over. I did not wear any panties knowing my man likes a taste with his drinks.  Sara followed and while we waited at the bar Sara was on one side…I wanted to see if she was yp for some fun…

When I slipped my hand up her thigh I could tell she was crotchless…sent me through the roof and I was gushing on Dean,s fingers…I wanted to taste her right there,

Just then, my man came in…. 

to be cont…got to get off before I can finish this…*dripping*

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When my man came in he could tell we were up to something…

As always, he strategically stepped between Sara and I. Casually ordered a drink while reaching up my leg as he so cooly leaned into the bar…

He was pleased I did as told…pleased, I was so ready…last time, he had me suck him off in the car before dinner.  But, we were not alone this time.

Both of these guys have high sex drives so Sara and I knew what we were in for…and why, I enjoy Sara after the men are done with us…

After an evening going into early morning…the sucking, the licking, the eating…the intense fucking from two cocks, our holes were so, so, sensitive…

I had just freshened up and lying on my side, resting on the couch…still naked, my engorged lips, still dripping cum…was peeking between my legs…

Sara quietly came up and began lightly lapping, moaning, as her tongue gently scooped the oozing clumps slowly dripping from me…I couldn’t believe my sensitive lips were starting to throb…I was so sensitive…I was SORE and almost RAW from the two cocks…but it felt sooooo gooood.


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