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  1. Sensual to taste the bounty of you pleasing each other. My skin tingles at the thought…(hand reaching down to feel my clit swelling…)
  2. Kissing is sensual and essential. A good lover knows this…
  3. Yes, yes,yes and yes….why have to choose?
  4. Your muscles do the stimulation…the balls are weighted so gravity along with your muscles…is what stimulates you…clamp on them rhythmically…and before you know it…you are having an orgasm. You can wear them throughout the day and continually be stimulated…since using them…my muscles can clamp down on my man until, I’m done. He likes having to work to pull out…if, I am done. 😉
  5. Like to clamp your ball sack, as I edge you…tighter this time,,,*locks clamp* I’ll be right back…I’ll take the key…
  6. Oooh, the more I cu..the more I need to make you explode…a lick here, a plug there…I’d like to tease my toy and bring you oh, so close…then, oh my I have to finger my hole…I get distracted…you start moaning as your precum is streaming down your meat…I turn my attention back to you…
  7. *bends over bare assed…my fingers, nails painted bright red…opening my petals…*
  8. Hot and ready..that’s what wet pussy wants…
  9. Yummm, you could open me up with that….*squeal*
  10. Got to let them know you’re there…
  11. *slipping my finger up my wet slit…finger tip glistening…*
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