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Intense Vibro Stroker Vibe


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Intense doesn’t even to begin how great this vibe is! When I first saw this toy I was speechless which doesn’t happen very often. I have never seen the beads go up one side of the vibe and down the other, which I have to admit peaked my interest and decided I would have to introduce this toy much later to the hubby and keep this one all to myself. I was totally fascinated by the weight, the size and that it used 4 C batteries which all adds up to a lot of fun and a lot of power.

Let’s start with the basics it is 6 ½ inches in length and 1 ¼ inches in girth which is a pretty good size for a vibe. It does have a good weight to it so it isn’t going anywhere when you use the suction cup. The metal beads are not too big about the same size as a normal rabbit they just go in a different direction and you can change directions from forward to reverse with just a push of a button.

As I placed the vibe on the side of the tub I just couldn’t wait, the anticipation was killing me as I watched the beads escalate up the vibe. I made sure to lube the vibe and slowly inserted the vibe and turned on the vibrations. The vibrations are so strong I felt them on my clit without ever touching my clit. I love things with a lot of vibrations and this was perfect for me, that is when I turned on the beads and I was having an orgasm instantly. It felt so good I couldn’t stop with just one and kept on going and going until I had another orgasm that was toe curling and amazing. This vibe is going to stay a secret for a long time; I don’t want to share him with anyone. It’s mine! All mine!

Now I do have to admit the stronger your vaginal muscles are the more intense the beads will feel, but I think anyone who loves her rabbit will fall in love with the vibro stroker. I know I did!


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This looks like a GREAT addition to any toy collection. I'm sooooooooooo jealous!!! ;):lol:

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