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you are welcome to your own opinion

well personally myself I like to shave my pussy for the simple fact that sex is better when you don't have all that hair in the way but that's just me.

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To Shave, Or Not To Shave...THAT Is The Question!! ;)

It's all a matter of personal preference whether one likes to have pubic hair or not.

Most men like a bald pussy, but there are some out there that like them hairy too. Just like some men like big breasts, butts, short hair, long hair, tall or short women. It's all what ya like. And there's nothing wrong with any of it.

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it is HOT on 2 fronts, IMO.

One, the look and feel, and secondly from a mental perspective that a woman paying attention to it shows attributes of sexual confidence (or at least i like to think so). That's not to say those who don't shave are perceived to be any less confident...

i keep my own garden tidy and she likes it too!

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I did want to add something to this discussion. I actually had a sex education class once, where the teacher said that the hair is definitely there for a reason.

First it acts to pull sweat away from the skin into the hair, which is cooler for the person. The second reason I have actually experienced myself firsthand. It keeps each person from sticking to each other. In other words, it acts like a slide between the 2 bodies. I went out with a hairless person a long time ago and we kept sticking to each other. It wasn't even summer - our chests even created a suction with noise when we pulled apart . My next boyfriend had a lot of chest and pubic hair and boy was it more comfortable. Softer, no sticking and a nice sliding motion when our bodies moved over each other. For this reason, I like body hair - pubic and all, but a nice trim is good and back hair is "out". My ex actually liked the hair on my private area more than shaved, cause he said if we didn't have time to shave, it felt too rough on his tongue and would irritate it - it was too much trouble and time consuming to shave before sex all the time, so I went back to a natural state. He was absolutely fine with it and I was too. Of course now I'm dealing with the back hair issue on men - that's another story!!

Hope this helps.

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