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I have been wanting a vibe that I can use in the shower for a while, I have also wanted a bullet too....so when I saw this toy I had to have it, sounded like the best of both worlds! The first thing I liked about this toy imediatly was that not only did it come with batteries....but it came with an extra set! WoooHoo! It is very smooth to the touch and has a small cord on the end for removal and something to hang on to in the shower. Towards the tip on either side is a small metal dot, when wet (even just a little) the thing starts going to work, I also noticed that if you place a finger on each dot it will work dry.....this toy keeps getting better and better! So off to the shower I went! The vibrations are not too strong, but not too weak either...they are just right like baby bears poradge..lol. I just took a few minuets rubbing it all over as it felt sooo silky smooth. It did not tak long before I was reaching my peak so I went for my clit. Let me just say WOW!! In less than 30 secands I was singing my prasies to the makers of this great toy! As soon as you dry it off it stops. I have used it 4 times since I got it yesterday and I can not say enough good things about it, it is wonderfull, and a great price too considering it is a bullet and a water toy all in one...and cordless to boot!! What more could you want! I love this toy!!! :D

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