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After 33 years of being married....


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As many of you know, I've been interested in getting fucked in the ass for a while now and my wife knows it too.  (But SHE would never be at the RECEIVING end as she's always said,  "It's exit only").

So last night,  we were having a sex and I was anxiously awaiting for her to reach for the strapon to fuck me good, and that's when she started to move! This was it!

(But the joke was on me).

She then got on all 4's into the doggie position and said,  "Put your big hard cock in my ass! Fuck me in the ass!" "Fuck me hard!" I was not expecting THAT!

She let out a bit of a moan from the pain as the head of my cock passed into her asshole but she enjoyed it.  She turned into an animal! I enjoyed it too and for the first time,  I dumped a huge load in her ass!  I still haven't been pegged but  I'm guessing it'll be soon as anal is now part of our sex life.  It's cool having a choice like this......33 years later.

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Good for you both! Anal is just as pleasurable for women when done right. Makes me drip down my legs. 🤭

Hope you all do it again soon and hope you get pegged as well! Cheers to trusting your partner enough to try new things! 

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