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Sorry I have been MIA folks,

to say things have been crazy at work would be a MAJOR understatement.

We have hired 5 new people to help east the load.

3 have walked off in the middle of the shift, one does absolutely nothing, and the other wound up having the stickiest fingers Anyone of us has ever seen, in 2 days his drawer came up over 80 dollars short, and before you ask, yes he was terminated because of the money shortages, not because he lifted about 50 dollars in product, or stole a co workers wallet out of his coat pocket, or because he helped himself to anything and everything he could in all of the lockers.

I have been moved over to the graveyard shift, so hopefully now my schedule will have some form of stability in it, and I can get back to reviewing.

The hours suck, but the pay is way better than the normal 25 to 30 I was getting.

Anyways, yalls have fun.

Take care!!

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I hope you will like your new shift and can get some stuff done too!!

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sorry things have been so negative at work for you but it will get better thanks for staying in touch with us take care of yourself dont get to stress out one day at a time

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