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When I received this product I was a little skeptical, since I have seen many products from perfumes to the Spanish fly. Although I have never tried any of these products before, I was a little excited to try this one. I have been known to light candles, burn in scents and wear different perfumes to set the mood in our bedroom. I have lured him upstairs a few times with him wondering what I am doing. I have also worn a new perfume to grab his attention and make his mind wonder.

Lure for her, is suppose to send out silent subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex, that naturally will trigger romantic feelings. This product is a pheromone-based fragrance. Like most perfumes the scent depends on your specific body chemistry. Since not all people have the same chemistry what smells good on one person may have a totally different scent on another.

I wanted to surprise my husband before he got home from work. So I took a shower got into something that was semi-sexy, since the children were still up. After my shower I squirted a small amount of “Lure” on the upper part of my chest. WOW, just one little squirt caused my eyes to water, this cologne is very STRONG. So I opened up the windows in my room, about the time I opened the bedroom window my husband was walking in the front door. He immediately smelled “Lure”, he said, “ Hon what is that smell, and what are you doing up there.” Well of course I wasn't going to say anything. My husband headed up the stairs to see what was going on. When he got up stairs he asked, “ What is with the overwhelming smell of baby powder?” I showed him the bottle of “Lure”. He said, “ That is doesn't smell bad but that it is extremely overwhelming.” So if your wondering did it work? Well yes it “Lured” him up the stairs but other then that it was way to strong for both our taste.

Although this product's scent didn't work for us and was way to potent for our taste, this doesn't mean that it will overwhelm you to. “Lure” didn't smell bad at all and since everybody's chemistry is different it may work better for you then it did for us, so why not try something new??

Happy Shopping!!


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That is funny Katprr....it did "Lure" him up the stairs!

So, I guess it smells like baby powder then? If I was a man, the smell of baby powder might not do it for me. Did your hubby find it enjoyable and did it put him in the mood, or did it remind him of when his kids were in diapers?

Good one Kat!


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I doubt my hubby would be turned on by Lure then. I like the smell of baby powder, it's a clean, innocent smell, IMO. Plus, there is a cologne out there that smells like that, very popular with teens, called Luvs, I believe.

Great review though, since you can't tell what it would smell like online!! Plus, it made me smile too! :rolleyes:


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LMAO MIkayla, You took the words right out of his mouth. He did say, "what are you doing changing diapers up here, have another child I didn't know about!!!!! I just could not put that in the review without laughing so hard.

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I had to comment on this, even though I do not have the product.

I will refer to this as a 'pheromone' type of perfume. I have a similar product and also used to sell it.

It's not supposed to be used in place of your normal perfume or cologne. It's meant to be used in addition to, (or alone, if you prefer) and only a dab will do ya (so to speak)

Pheromone perfumes mix with anyone's chemistry - and neither you, or anyone else should be able to 'physically' smell it. That defeats the purpose.

We as humans all give off pheromones - especially women that are menstruating. This is supposed to enhance your natural scent.

Anyway - I had some customers way back when that were cocktail waitresses, or service personnel in general, and some stated that they noticed their tips increased when they wore this type of product. (From the men, of course!)

So, you definitely don't want to treat this type of product as you would a normal bottle of perfume.

There's my 5 cents worth! B)

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Hi Majikal,

Did you mean menstruating or ovulating?

Don't mean to sound impertinent - it's just the fact that is fascinating. And the logic behind it.

A friend of mine is a veterinary. He has written his thesis about canine pheromones. He claims that contraceptive medication messes a woman's pheromone cycle. One mechanism of action with contraceptives is that it sort of simulates gravidity through humoral system (hormones). In addition to the reproductive system effect, this pathway also reduces the pheromone excretion thus letting the males know "I'm not attractive to you". Now, this mechanism is not nearly as strong in human as it is with most mammals - in fact the proof of its significance in human is still controversial. Anyway, this friend of mine strongly believes that contraceptives destroy "the natural monthly heat" of a woman.

I buy the logic, but the significance in practice... hmmm...

What do you think?


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Hmmmm.... interesting points, for sure.

I just read Mikayla's review on the male version of this - I'd be curious as to what this smells like, myself.

We shall see.

As far as what I meant by menstruating women, I meant when they were actually menstruating, not ovulating - but I am not all knowing on this topic, either. Was just throwing it out there.

Also, while I'm thinking about it - just the other day I was thinking about colognes that men and women wear and thought why do females wear scents that women would like and men what men would like? You would think that men would like to smell automotive grease, not flowers :lol: Just kidding.

Personally, I love to smell a man wearing Drakkar mmm mmm mmm.

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