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New to posting here. Thinking it might help to just get it out into the ether. 

happily married for 6 years now. Have enjoyed experiencing crossdressing and am encouraged to do so by my wife. We have children so it does complicate things but I try to take advantage of the chances I get. My wife is bi and has been with other women but it was back in college. I had chances to be with other men, never acted on it. My wife is aware of my curiosity but the situation doesn’t really allow for me to progress beyond that. We both quit drinking a year or so ago and her desire for sex has gone to nothing. 

it’s been over six months since we were intimate sexually. I miss it. I feel the urge to talk about it but we have in the past and it’s turned into a yelling match because we both miss it but she has no urge or desire for sex. 

sobriety has been a blessing in so many ways! but it has opened the door to other things that she either doesn’t want to or isnt ready to address. 

I can’t be the only person dealing with something like this. I don’t bring it up because I don’t want to fight but I miss her touch and I know that sounds selfish and immature. 

I just needed to get this off my chest. Thanks for your time. 


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Sorry to hear that you have some issues that need working out. Hope you two can find a way to start a conversation about what has come between you and the problems in your lives. Need to find some common ground and start from there. You said she encouraged you to crossdress. Is she stressed over her bi times in college? Make a date night and take time for each other. Good luck but you can do it.

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I wish you luck. Seems to me and I’ve been in that position, that the person who has the issue will not seek help.  And will not allow another outlet for the partner going without. Not that sex is everything but damn it’s equally important as everything else. 
The lost intimacy takes a toll as well. ( not the sexual kind)

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