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How To Get Him To Do It?


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I have only done anal with one man- my ex husband- and now I want to try it with my new hubby. I have told him that I have done it before, and I know he has too, but we have never done it together.

so my question is this:

how do I ask him for it? We usually have sex missionary, but the only way I have done anal is doggy. I don't want to put too much on him at once- especially since the sex is just now starting to pick up after a year long drout. But since we are starting to do it again, I want EVERYTHING!!

Any suggesstions? :blink:

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Sure, if I were you while I was in the heat of passion (hence in the middle of sex) I would say, "honey, I want you to fuck me from behind." roll over, and stick your ass in the air. This will get him into the doggy position. If he is in the middle of sex, I highly doubt that he will say "no" to that. Then, the next time you are fucking, while he is in the moment with you in doggy say, "honey, I NEED you to fuck me up the ass, please fuck me up the ass..." hand him some lube, pull his penis out, and tell him to slowly do you. While I realize that this is a brazen approach to this, if you talk about it with him, he will probably not be receptive. Perhaps his last anal experience wasn't good, or he has issues with "mess." The point is, while he doesn't HAVE to have anal sex with you, if he has done it, and you have done it, you should try to get together with all your requests and fantasies.

So, if plan A doesn't work, move on to plan B - ask him what fantasies HE wants, make them come true- then make your anal fantasy come true too!

Have Fun!


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