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Whip it, whip it GOOOOOOD! I am a BIG fan of having a little whipping every once in a while – not for pain but totally for pleasure! I have a few mini whips and paddles, but I must confess – this is the largest whip that I own! This whip is 22” of pure disciplining pleasure! Made of soft, faux leather this mighty whip will provide hours of fun at the hands of YOUR master! Become a FEMME FATALE – or simply be submissive to your master – whichever floats your boat.

Many people do not understand the simple pleasure of a slow, seductive punishing – but I sure do. You don’t have to be into S / M to enjoy a spanking. The truth is, many people secretly enjoy a little punishment. If you are interested in trying a whip on for size – or perhaps you already enjoy hearing and feeling the crack of the tethers – then this beautiful whip is for YOU.

I love to be dominated by my hubby, and he loves to be in control. We always end up having super HOT sex after we have foreplay that includes any kind of punishment. When I handed him this whip and suggest he “whip me good” he had a few doubts. This is a larger whip – and looks like it would pack a powerful punch. My hubby knows how to improvise though, and he began by running the soft tethers all the way up and down my body. They tickled my nipples and thighs and got me hot thinking about the crack that was to come!

He motioned for me to turn over and he continued running it over my back and ass. Suddenly, he cracked the whip just a little. It felt delicious! He continued to snap it harder and harder until I motioned that it was hard enough! When he had finished with my back, I rolled over and he gently spread my legs. I was very wet from the whipping and I anticipated the front side. He ran those tethers up and down between my legs getting me all so horny. He gently whipped my front – not hard but just enough – and I orgasmed with the last crack!

For me, this whip is PERFECT! Its long tethers can really tease and tickle any part of your body and, if you are so inclined, this whip really can add a little pain to your pleasure! I recommend this little whip to any woman interested in getting in touch with her Femme Fatale self – or any man who wants to play out a dominant or submissive role with his partner. Whatever your purpose or desire, this little punisher will help you to WHIP IT GOOD!!

WHip it BABY!

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Thanks mikayla for the input. I really didn't think you could use a whip for pleasure. I am into bondage but I do not like pain. I am excited to use a whip and to actually have an orgasm with it. I know what will be in my next order:)


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Lord, Mikayla, you might just get me to try a little B&D if you keep writing such reviews, and making us all understand how much the two of you enjoy this kind of play. Now to find someone to play with......

Great review. Thanks for the insights, and instructions on how to use something like this to both tease and pleasure.


OH Honey, I suspect I could get you to try about anything if I wasn't married......

I think it is important for people to look at items such as these, handcuffs and restraints as MORE than bondage or "torture" devices, they can be a helluva lot of fun! I can attest to that - whips and paddles are a toy for anyone, anywhere at anytime - if you know how to use them!


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OMG!!! ;)

I am too visual at times!!!

I can "see" in my mind, Mikayla striding in, stillettos and all, to greet a tall, distiguished older gentleman, in a business suit, and as he stands, you see in the background, a whle fleet of EMTs, paramedics, pulminary unit, and various medical machinery all standing by on full alert. (The ambulance is in the back, out of sight, of course.)

OK, sorry, but I had to share!! :P:lol:

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Oh sweetie....it takes MUCH more than that to make ME blush! ;)

In fact, having the EMT's called during a meeting with me is something that I am not unfamiliar with. WHen I worked at the BDSM club all those years back, I had an incident that I will share. When I stepped out in my tightly bound corset, my thigh high 5 inch heeled boots, with my stocking and garters this nice *older* gentleman explained that he was having chest pains. We called the EMTs and the man was rushed to the University of Chicago hospital and was fine after some testing.

I have yet to discern whether it was the sight of ME or whether it was the fact that he was married and nervous to be at the club. Whichever it was, I am sure I played at least a teeny part!

So dear Howard, I am quite sure that if we were to meet - that I would take only the very best care of you - or I would call those who could!


The Saucy Wench :P

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