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Many of you have seen my past posts about the issues I've had with my gf of two years and her hang ups with sex due to her upbringing, bad relationship with father, was taught sex was bad, bad long marraige where her ex only cared about himself, her depression, etc. She has always had problems with orgasms to. When she does have them they are very light and quick. She calls them "micro-orgasms". Well, one Sun morning a few weeks ago I got her into a position that has payed off. I'm laying on my back with my legs spread, and she is laying on me missionary position with her legs together. This is tight for both of us, so I'm sure I feel bigger to her and she is tight for me to. During this first time to do this she starts breathing very hard after a couple of mins and is saying "Oh God" many times until she is moaning a lot and then starts to go limp trying to get her breath back. She tells me after it was the best orgasm she has ever had. I'm sure the tight penetration and our pubic bones rubbing hits her clit just right. Now she is wanting sex a lot more often, pretty much everyday if possible. What a change! I've even heard her in the bathroom tub with the jacuzzi on getting off. I'm sure the water jets are doing wonders for her. I didn't tell her that I know she has done that, which is very sexy.

And now I get an email from her telling me not to exercise (training on my bike) to hard this evening because I need to save energy for her tonight. Life is good.


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Of course she wants to have sex more! As she opens up to you and different sexual situations - she ultimately relaxes and is able to climax better and more often. What woman WOULDN'T want to have sex more if she is orgasming?

I commend you for sticking with her for so long - you are a true example of what caring consistently about your lover's feelings can do for a relationship! I am happy for you, and for her, and wish you both a long and happy life together!

Keep on encouraging her and helping her to get to the orgasms...next stop...G-SPot!

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