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La Femella


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This awesome 7” purple womanly shaped vibe arrived, and I was intrigued to see what she could do.

Being purple, my fav color, caught my eye first. Then, I read “designed for a woman, by a woman” on the packaging. Oh yeah! Women know what women like! It has a small bulbous head (there are no tell-tale features on it at all, like eyes, hair, or anything else, so it’s not creepy looking), breasts, a small belly, and a butt that sticks out a bit as well. It’s made of a double coated, hard, slick, seamless plastic for easy insertion and cleaning too. Grabbing 2 AA batteries from my refreshed stock, I put them in, and turned the dial at the base to see how strong the vibes were. I had to really press and twist the cap tight to make sure it didn’t pop off. Turned the dial, and color me purply-impressed! We have strong, graduating vibes!

This vibe is NOT waterproof, and states it on the back of the toy’s insertion. “Do not get battery end of Massager wet. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER.” OK, gotcha!

The vibes were strong enough to satisfy my clit’s needs and as well as my outer lips as well. Insertion was a breeze. I didn’t need any lube, since it’s slick and I was excited. I definitely felt the curves of my purple lady very well. They felt very, very good! I went slow at first, and worked my way up to a nice, sensual orgasm. I could even feel her curves as my vaginal muscles clenched down on her, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, it was very pleasurable!

I loved this toy! I think it's a great toy for any level of toy user too. Simple, easy, and unintimidating, this lady will rock....or would that be vibe....your world!

Go curvy!

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So the makers of this vibrator state this is a toy for a woman shaped like a woman. Well real women have curves and so does this vibe! And for a vibe design there's already a lot of plusses in there for us women.

There's several things to think about when looking for a good vibrator: Texture, contour and resiliency. First off the shape, or contour, is really unique and has lots of curves in just the right places. Just like us women! I used the protruding curve (The one representing the breasts) for masturbating my clit while using the tip of the vibe to slightly penetrate me. The small round tip was great for easy insertion and with its smooth texture I didn't need any extra lubrication. I quickly found out that the curves were stunning once I inserted it and started diving deeper into myself. I loved that depending on how I turned it inside of me I could feel a different effect. Different contours equal extra options! And I am definitely a woman who likes options when it comes to getting off. This cute lilac 7" vibe is also very sleek to touch, giving it a stupendous feeling along your skin and inside of you. There is no resiliency, but its not that kind of vibe anyhow.

To note, this toy is not waterproof so be very careful when cleaning it. I also like to use antibacterial toy wipes on any non waterproof toy to ensure a thorough cleaning. Make sure to let it fully dry before inserting batteries. The bottom twists off easily for the battery compartment and make sure to take out the batteries when you are not using it. The bottom base is also the turn dial to start your multi-speed vibrations. The variety of speeds is terrific and the vibrations can get pretty strong.

You've got a great multi-speed vibrator thats very easy to use for anyone looking for a first vibe or who wants a little extra added fun! I absolutely loved this toy for clit stimulation. It was impressive! Anyone looking for a simple vibrator with a couple extra added contours should definitely check out this one, especially while its a freebie!

For a curvatious choice

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My husband and I had our first threesome last night! Yup, you heard right: a threesome! We invited another woman into our love making and it was fantastic! She was sleek, sexy, powerful... and purple! :DLa Femella is a new vibe in “the shape of a woman for a woman” and let me tell you - she is ALL woman.

Double coted so she’s seamless and smooth, this 7-inch vibrator is pretty and contoured like a woman with a head, breasts, some junk in the trunk, and my favorite part: she’s got a little bit of a tummy!

The base screws off to insert 2 AA batteries (not included), then screws back on. Twisting the base/dial further turns on the multi-speed vibes which range from low to high. The vibes aren’t super high, but they do the job, trust me. I love, love, love high vibes. Low don’t do much for me. When we first turned La Femella on, I thought the vibes were going to be too low for me. Boy, was I wrong!

After my husband had his fun directing his “two women,” I snatched her (no pun intended) for some girl-on-girl while I gave my husband a blowjob. He got to watch as she stimulated my clit and dove deep within me. I could feel her curves as my vaginal muscles clenched around her. She brought me to orgasm after orgasm, until I was too tired to take any more.

It was awesome to pretend there was someone else involved with us and giving my husband a show like that -- both firsts for us. This little lady’s invited back over ANY time! It’s only a shame she’s not waterproof; I’d love to share a steamy shower with her!

Have you met La Femella yet? :wub:

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I am still waiting for mine in the mail :(

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