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Welcome to Booty Island, where eight island women prepare their booties for boarding!

Each of the six scenes starts with a woman (or two) dancing for the camera. A total of eight women grope, lick and suck -- sometimes with a man, but always with each other -- often peeking at the camera to include you, the voyeur.

All of the tanned women have trimmed pubes and small breasts. All of the men are built and also tanned.

Scenes include MF, FF, MFF and MMF action. A couple vibrators are used in one of the FF scenes, there’s anal in several scenes, and the MMF scene includes double penetration.

There are lots of positions held, with quick view changes to mix it up. It’s not just watching six long sex scenes.

When someone’s about to reach their final orgasm, the scene shifts to give a recap of the highlights of the sex they just had. We kind of made fun of that, saying, “Oo, that’s what SHE’S thinking of while she’s climaxing!” and “It figures THAT’S what he’d think of to get off!”

Another part we laughed at was a FF scene on a boat. The girls were trying to be SO sexy for the camera, but the rocking of the boat on the waves kept threatening to knock them off their feet!

There’s no plot, so if you like a story line over scene after scene of sex, this isn’t for you. Personally speaking, it didn’t do anything for either my husband or me. We were both rather bored with it. There were a few scenes we thought would get me off (like the DP scene, to name one), but there were such quick flashes of each because of the type of videography that it was more a disappointment than anything.

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That's too bad that that movie was disappointing.

Those girls on the cover look really really young......or does that make me really really old? LMAO

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So, what do you do when your hubby is out of town and you are horny? Saddle up for some solo porn / play time of course. Unfortunately, this film only had one scene that 'did it' for me, and that was when 2 men pounded this flat-chested redhead in a DP scene on the rocks by the ocean.

I really thought that this film had promise - gorgeous girls in outdoor settings doing anything and everything to get off. There ARE gorgeous outdoor locals - beaches, shallow water, rocks by the ocean, on a boat deck - but the girls are....average. I like big breasts and well shaved pussy - these girls are flat chested (pre-pubescent comes to mind) and they are trimmed, not shaved. In fact, I was distracted by one girl who didn't even SHAVE HER LEGS - ugghh.

Some of the darker skinned gals have VERY pink pussies, which I found a bit distracting because it was almost unnaturally so. The sex scenes were varied - MF, FF, MFM - and the sex was OK. There were lots of 'porn positions', oral for the men more than for the women (except in FF), and the women in the FF seemed ininterested. There is a lot of anal and a DP scene. Even the girls enjoy some anal penetration in positions that can NOT be comfortable. The reality of it is missing.

The photography is clear, but missing the close up shots and good wide angles. There is no dialogue, it is all music and the moans and groans. A lack of dirty speak was a let down for me.

The highlight was a gal who gets it in both holes by two very well built and tanned dudes. It was the last clip in the film, so unfortunately I was doing a lot of fast-forwarding. I usually don't miss the girl/girl stuff, but I was unimpressed.

For me, Booty Island doesn't do it for me. This one will go in the 'never watch again pile' - and that is a sad place to be for a porn!

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