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I Want To Try Anal But She Is Not To Sure About It


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First, that is totally wrong information. You would have to have anal sex with LARGE objects, repeatedly...and I mean constantly....to stretch your anal canal to the point that you would have poop falling out.

Second, have her read my article on Anal Sex - I am sure she will be enlightened and perhaps learn a few things. Plus, it will help you get safe ideas on how to proceed:

Everything Anal

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Also mentioned in the articles, but worth repeating, make sure that you start off small, like with toys, either in her or you, or your fingers, slowly progressing up to larger toys, and then your cock. Don't just think that wham! The cock will be overly comfortable the first try, cuz it's not.

Anal sex is a bit uncomfortable when you FIRST start it, but it progressively gets better and more pleasurable. You need to learn to relax, breathe, and relax your anal muscles, so they won't push out what you're trying to push in. Hence why it's a bit uncomfortable at first. It should NEVER hurt. People often confuse the discomfort for pain, which, if you think about it, it's totally different.

Remember to use plenty, and I do mean PLENTY of lube!! There can never be too much lube. Astroglide makes "shooters" which is specifically for anal play.

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If you want to play in the back yard, I would sugjest you take a very long time getting into it! With so much focus on Anal play now days everyone thinks you can just jam it in there and she will thank you for it, and enjoy it. WRONG! As others said, IT TAKES TIME! You have to go very slowly, communication, and trust are your keys to the back yard! If your S.O. can not trust you to stop, and be very careful, she will never relax and never enjoy it. It took nearly 2 years of intermitent play with my wife to bring her to the trust level and relaxed level that she is at today. She now not only ALLOWS weekly anal sex, but enjoys it, and is able to orgasm through it. Now it is more about HER getting off that way than ME! Which is a dream come true. Mutual enjoyment is the peak of the mountian top for both of us!

So you have to go SLOW! She WILL feel very uncomfortable at first with anything in there. It takes a very special woman to allow it, and even a more special one to enjoy it!

good luck


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