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What Is The Best Anal Plug And Anal Lube?


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I want to get a anal plug that will stay in place while my hubby penetrates me, but i do not want it to be too big or uncomfortable to get in the way.

Has anyone tried an anal plug of this sort that can work for me?

Also, what do you people use for anal lube???? I have tried "Sensual Strawberry Astroglide" and "Anal Lube" and they both burn my ASS!!! I hear people are supposed to enjoy anal sex, but these anal lubricants burn!

Has anyone had this problem and what other anal lube can I try that wont burn?

I love anal penetration but I cannot enjoy because of the burning sensation of the lubes.

Please help the burning stop...


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Is it possible that you may be allergic to something in the lubes? Astroglide is a "natural" lube - and really doesn't contain much that could be an irritant. Or, if you have the burning sensation with toy use, it could be a reaction to the toy. Do you have latex or silicone allergies? Do you have hemmorroids? You may have some internal ones and do not know it. Oftentimes with interal roids you never know you have them until one day you have blood and freak out - then the doctor tells you. It is very common - expecially if you have had children.

Anyway, there are other lubes, but I would wonder if all lubes would be an irritant - and obviously you can not have anal sex without lube. Try TooTimid Personnal Lube or what I think would work best, Eros Bodyglide - it is another smooth and silky, natural silicone lubricant.

As for the anal plug. Whether or not the plug stays in during vaginal sex depends on many things: (1) your ability to control your sphincter muscles. If you do not have control, it will slide out. (2) the length of the toy. Too short, it will fall right out. Too long, it might be uncomfortable. (3) the width of the toy. If it is not wide enough it will fall right out.

I would not worry too much about it falling out, your hubby can hold it in place - as could you. However, I would recommend:

Witty Worm

Non-Skid Medium Plug

The FUNtasy Anal Plug

Whichever you choose, just make sure you LUBE and remember, do not use a silicone lube with a silicone toy.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!

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The first link that Howard posted is for the My First Butt Plug and at that link is also the review I wrote for that item. I LOVE IT. I was looking for something that would be "the perfect size" ... not too big, not too small, not too intimidating, etc., etc. This was right on the money. I HIGHLY recommend this one.

I, too, wondered if you might have an allergy to the materials of toys you might be using, instead of the lube, as Astroglide is known to be pretty simple. I second the mention of TooTimid's Pleasure Gel and also suggest trying ID's Juicy Lube! We LOVE TooTimid's Lube (it's our regular lube) and we recently got ID's which we LOVE! We haven't tried it anally yet, but it's another great, water-based lube that's slick and long lasting.

Good luck!

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Doc Johnson's Cherry Scented Lube works well, but it IS silicone based, and has fragrance to it.

You may have allergies, or, you may be getting slightly ripped internally, when engaging in anal sex, causing anything else that may go up there to burn. Always remember to use plenty of lube BEFORE and during anal sex. Astroglide Shooters is for anal sex, with an applicator that is made to go up inside the anus a bit, for added lube. This stuff is S-L-I-C-K!!!! And it works!! Plus, it's Astroglide, so you know it's a well made product. Me and hubby LOVE this one the best for anal play.

Let me also suggest something like a set of Anal Beads. They are small enough to stay inside, and easy enough to use and get your anus use to something going UP there. I haven't tried those particular ones, but, I've heard some good things about stringed anal beads. There are a bunch of different types, and if you just go to the Product Search box up at the right hand top corner of the window, type in ANAL BEADS, and a nice selection will pop up for your viewing pleasure!

For my own solo usage, I tried the Polly Clit Diddler With Anal Beads, and the beads went in well, the toy strapped to me, and it wasn't uncomfortable. And, the beads stayed in!!

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